Happy 2022!!!

For the past 2 years, I haven’t feel comfortable going outside the USA, mainly because of the whole process of getting a test to go and another to come back. With my new job, I don’t get as many days off as I’m used to with my other job working from home (that I can do it from anywhere in the world), so it gets complicated. However, that doesn’t stop me from so many cities and towns to visit here in Florida and the rest of the country. So… everything has been good.

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Trev and I had been thinking about places we can visit this 2022, if it doesn’t get more complicated. Cities that we can go for few days and enjoy a lot. Just like we did in 2021 with Grand Junction and Salt Lake City (coming soon).

Here are some of the plans we have in mind, maybe by the end of the year I’ll come back to this to see how much it changed!


We visited this Caribbean island on a cruise, but we would like to return to get to know it better.

There are many beaches we’d like to see, explore more Handelskade, visit some other touristic spots (why not?!) and maybe enjoy the nightlife!

I think we can spend 3-4 days in this island and be able to enjoy it really good.

Cartagena, Colombia:

I’ve been in Cartagena twice and I love it. Obviously I’d love to take Trev to Venezuela, but right now it’s very difficult (many reasons), so this is a city I’d love to take him, a bit closer to home and I know he will enjoy it.

Cartagena is gorgeous and super fun to visit. I would love to stay this time at a hotel inside the walls so we can enjoy it in a different way. Stroll around the streets while listening to live music at the squares, try different restaurants and bars and I know some of those hotels have pools in a terrace so it’ll be nice to enjoy them while overlooking at the city. And of course, we need to visit Islas del Rosario at least one day.

Las Vegas, Nevada:

We’ve been to Las Vegas, but never together. I think it could be a fun time to go for few days, maybe attend a show and we want to visit many spots in town. It’s not an international trip, but this country is so huge that we can do so much here.

Las Vegas, Dec. 2004

So far we have in mind to see a show or 2, try to get a nice hotel with a fun pool that we can relax any other afternoon, and of course walk around the hotels that I think are amazing, even if you are not into gambling (we are not… but maybe few bucks for fun, I mean, last time I won $2000!).

Nashville, Tennessee:

We’ve been to Nashville before and it was amazing! It was a long weekend and it was super fun that we don’t mind going back again for more.

We had so much fun during the nights walking around Broadway between bars, visited the Johnny Cash Museum and got to eat soo good. Seriously, food was delicious anywhere we went.

Tulsa, Oklahoma:

We’ve never been there but we’ve been hearing so much about this city that we added it on our plans.

I have family living there, there’s a vibrant art district and opening this year it’s a museum that honors legendary rock & roll musician Bob Dylan.

Paradise Island, Bahamas:

Been there… done that, but it gets difficult to get tired of this amazing place!!

Arriving first in Nassau and then I love taking the taxi boat to get to Paradise Island. We have to walk a lot, depending on where our hotel is located, but the ride on the boat is way better than a drive.

Paradise Island is where the Atlantis Resort is located. This place is gorgeous and offers so many activities to do. From enjoying the crystal clear water, to the water park, many restaurants, bars, a casino, stores and beautiful views that it’s impossible to get tired.

We’ve been thinking about returning again, so hopefully 2022 will be the year.

Florida Keys:

When I was living in South Florida, I used to visit the Keys so many times. Even if I didn’t get to drive to Key West, just visiting Key Largo was an awesome moment.


Trevor tells me to grab a plane so we can get faster to Key West, but for me it’s the drive from Miami to the end of US1. It’s just amazing. The views while driving, so many fun spots to visit including John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park, many tiki bars and restaurants with delicious food and stunning view.

Key West

Since I moved to Central Florida I haven’t been to the Keys, so I know there are a lot of new stuff to check out and even places that I’ve never been so hopefully we are able to visit like Dry Tortugas National Park.

Unless I get to take 2 weeks off (at least), maybe we’ll add Ireland, Greece, Spain or France. And I would also love to go camping since it’s been a while.

Maybe we don’t even go to those places and end up going to different ones, who knows. As long as we get to experience something different and get to know new places, it’s all good!

Wishing you an amazing 2022 and hope your travel dreams come true!

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