Welcome to a new adventure! On this new post, with videos, we take you to discover 2 paradises in the British Virgin Islands: The Baths and Devil’s Bay on the beautiful island of Virgin Gorda. Here I tell you how to get there from Tortola, our experience and some other details that can make your trip more comfortable and unforgettable. Don’t forget to watch the video of this trip at the end of this post. (remember that there are some links that take you to the map)

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paradises in the British Virgin Islands
View from the cruise

How to get to Virgin Gorda?

We arrived on a cruise to Tortola, during the month of January, and although I don’t really like to book excursions with the cruise itself (many times it is even cheaper to go on your own), on this trip we decided to take one of those excursions with the cruise to make it simpler. When we got off the boat, the ferry that would take us to Virgin Gorda was right there waiting for us. Again, super easy and fast.

Paraísos en las Islas Vírgenes Británicas

You can also take the ferry from Road Town in Tortola to Virgin Gorda, it can cost about $20 and once on Virgin Gorda, the same if you go with an excursion, there are plenty of buses that take you to the national park.

paradises in the British Virgin Islands

Another option, from the airport on Beef Island you can take a ferry to Virgin Gorda it is approximately 20 minutes and you must check in at the pier 30 minutes before departure time. On Virgin Gorda it is the same port in Spanish Town.

Virgin Gorda

Virgin Gorda is an island east of where Tortola is located. Upon arriving at the ferry docks, we took a bus to Devil’s Bay National Park. Along the way you can enjoy spectacular panoramic views. Our bus even stopped at one point so we could enjoy the view better. I don’t know if everyone does it, but I thought it was great.

paradises in the British Virgin Islands

In a few minutes we arrived at the entrance to The Baths and Devil’s Bay. There are people who start their trip at The Baths and then towards Devil’s Bay beach and others who go to Devil’s Bay first, like we did. I liked that option because at The Baths you have services, a small bar with food (cash only) and even spots to buy some souvenirs. And then back to take a bus the road is easier and more relaxed.

Take it easy and enjoy the place to the fullest. In January, for example, when we visited the water was a little cold but once inside you adapt easily. I’m sure during the summer the area gets more crowded and January was quiet.

paradises in the British Virgin Islands

I would recommend you go with aqua socks, to make the walk more comfortable. We only went with flip flops and the area to cross from one side to the other through the natural labyrinth between the rocks, we had to go barefoot and sometimes you can find pebbles and other things.

The Baths

Cruise Port in Tortola

Before starting the trip to the beautiful national park, we strolled around for a while through the cruise port area where there are plenty of shops, places to eat or drink and you can even rent a car if you wish.

And yes, of course, you are going to see many people trying to sell you a tour around the island or to Virgin Gorda. Just as I mentioned in the video, sometimes it is better to have a tour with the same cruise since you make sure you arrive back at the cruise on time. Remember that cruise ships have a very strict schedule that they have to follow and cannot wait a minute longer.

Outside of the area I didn’t explore anything extra due to lack of time (which is why I don’t really like taking cruises), but I’m sure it’s a beautiful place.

Have you been to the British Virgin Islands? Tell us what places you would recommend us to visit!

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Join us on this incredible experience and discover why these places are a must on any visit to the BVI. (Click CC for subtitles in English).

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