On this new post I want to invite you to visit one of my favorite cities in the United States. It is located in the state of Georgia, about 3 hours by car from Atlanta towards the coast. Savannah is a city full of Southern charm and rich history that will leave you captivated from the moment you arrive, and in this post we take a trip exploring the best of Savannah.

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best of Savannah

A gem of the South, Savannah offers a unique blend of history, elegant architecture, and Southern charm. Its cobbled streets, squares and beautiful architecture offer a fascinating journey into the past.

Obviously this trip is about getting to know the famous Savannah Historic District, where you can explore the streets, visit some squares and museums, and without forgetting a stroll around the River Street, I love walking among the shops, restaurants and the beautiful view of the river.


In the River Street area, you can also visit the Market Place which has beautiful details to take home as souvenirs. And close to the market, you’ll find the Waving Girl, a statue of a girl greeting the passing boats on the river.

best of Savannah

Something that I can never skip to visit is Savannah’s Candy Kitchen, as soon as you enter you get to enjoy the delicious aroma of the place with its sweet and famous pralines that are very tasty, it is a place to visit without a doubt. The best thing is that they always have bits to try.

You can spend a couple of hours exploring the Historic District and visit some of its squares such as Chippewa Square, if you have seen Forest Gump you will recognize that square where he was sitting with his box of chocolates waiting for the bus.

Another nice square to visit is Ellis Square and right next to it you can’t miss the City Market, a pedestrian area with several stores, with about 4 blocks with 19 restored businesses in Savannah’s historic district. Even if you don’t go shopping, the stroll is very pleasant between bars, shops and restaurants (main photo).

Exploring the best of Savannah

If you are interested in visiting museums, you could divide the trip exploring the Historic District into 2 days to discover some of them. You can go to the Savannah History Museum and from there, check out the other museums in the area such as the Georgia State Railroad Museum, SCAD Museum of Art or the Savannah Children’s Museum. (Check out hotels in Savannah here)

Another option to explore the city, if walking a lot is not your thing, is to take a Trolley that is famous in the area and take advantage of the ‘hop on/off’ that will take you everywhere and you can get off and on at different points. In this link you can check out the trolley ride options to reserve the one that fits best for you.

Best time/season to visit:

Spring and fall are ideal for exploring Savannah, when temperatures are mild. Avoid the summer heat and tourist crowds. Although at the beginning of autumn you may find it rains a lot, which is how I have visited the city a couple of times, with rains and a bit gray, and still looks beautiful.

Getting there:

  • From Orlando: Driving from Orlando takes about 4 hours on I95, or you can fly into Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport. The times I have visited Savannah I have done it by car from Orlando and I find the trip really nice (I also enjoy road trips and driving), but try to avoid going through Jacksonville during rush hour.
  • From Charleston (SC): An approximately 2-hour drive on US17 will take you from historic Charleston to charming Savannah. 2 of my favorite cities and you can plan to visiting them both.
  • From Atlanta: With a 3-hour drive on I16, you can get from vibrant Atlanta to sophisticated Savannah.

If you make the trip by car, don’t hesitate to stop at the Welcome Center (especially if crossing state line), which I love because you can get more information about the city, what to visit and sometimes you can find good discounts.

Exploring the best of Savannah

Fun facts:

  • Savannah is famous for its ghost legends. A night tour will immerse you in mysterious stories.
  • The city was an important port during the Civil War and preserves numerous historical sites from that era.

Savannah, Georgia should really be on your bucket-list, a place where the warmth of southern hospitality mixes with charming historic architecture. I hope this post about exploring the best of Savannah was very helpful and you feel inspire to see this beautiful town. A trip to this city is a journey through time in the cradle of southern charm. I assure you that you will not regret visiting.

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