I don’t know what it is… but I’m in love with Ireland and even places I haven’t been yet, love visiting every Irish Pub I see (doesn’t matter the country or city where I am), love the music, love the people… a bit hard sometimes for me to understand the accent lol… remember English is my 2nd language! I just love it all… and well, I always celebrate my birthday on St. Patrick’s day 🙂 (my birthday is March 18th).

Right?! 🙂 Guinness Storehouse in Dublin

Friends say I’m half Venezuelan half Irish… well… my heart might be green 🙂 After all, I’m a ‘Wild Rover’… (and I recently found out that I have 4% Irish on me… it’s something!)

w my girl Paty celebrating St. Patrick’s day in Dublin 🙂

So, talking with a friend I commented “I should create a blog with all the Irish pubs I visit” but instead of doing that -because I will go nuts now, I manage about 6 travel blogs already-, just like I did with Florida, let’s create a ‘category’ on my own blog: “Irish Pubs” (also under “Food&Drinks“)

in Dublin!
One of the closest to my home, at Disney Springs – Orlando.

When I visit a new Irish Pub or just talk about my favorite ones, you can find them under “Various” and of course I’ll be adding it under the country where it is located. From Madrid to Central Florida and of course, even the few I visited while in Ireland, let’s know a bit extra of what they offer as entertainment or where I had so much fun celebrating St. Patrick’s day (read how I celebrated it while in Dublin)… and you are more than welcome to suggest your favorite Irish pub for me to visit! 🙂 -read how I celebrated it while in Dublin-

My favorite in Madrid, James Joyce

Cheers and now let me have some fish & chips with a harp beer… or maybe a Baby Guinness shot with some friends 🙂

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