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What to bring for a cruise

Well… I usually don’t like saying what to bring or not during a trip, each person knows what are their essentials for a trip. But because I’m new with cruising, I started searching what to pack for it and what it’s important or good to have it while cruising.

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Cruising the Mediterranean & Adriatic. (my 2nd cruise)

So my 2nd cruise was much better than 1st one. Maybe because of the cruise line or the ports or everything together. I still rather stay few days (at least) in a city to get to know it better, but we did what we could. Now I know I want to return to Croatia, Greece […]

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Cruisin’ with Magic

First time cruising. I always wanted to try it but wasn’t sure since it’s something you have the hours counted and I gave up my watch about 4 years ago, so depending on a schedule it’s not my thing. But here I go… The cruise: Carnival Magic Nights: 8 Ports: Aruba, Curaçao and Grand Turk […]

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8 hours layover in Lisbon

On my flight from Praia to Madrid, I had a stopover in Lisbon for about 8 hours. I actually had 2-3 more hours but had breakfast at the airport and arrived earlier before my next flight. This wasn’t my 1st time in Lisbon, so if you are thinking about getting to know Lisbon in 8 […]

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Lisbon Airport

I guess this time jet lag and procrastination won. When I booked my trip from Miami to Cape Verde, the easiest way was with TAP and layover in Lisbon. I already visited this city in 2013, beautiful and lot of interesting places to see. So I thought, I’ll be dead to take my 12 hours […]

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The middle seat

Unless you are traveling 1st class, there’s not a comfy seat in an airplane. From Miami to Madrid, the very uncomfortable and small area for a 9hrs trip. From Madrid to Paris, traveling with one of my old girl friends from Venezuela (we know each other since 3rd grade), I had the middle seat… I […]

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9hrs flight…

I’ve been to Europe lots of times, obviously lot of times I’ve had flights for 9-10 hours. But this time, it was AWFUL! There’s no word to describe it! While sitting waiting our turn to depart, I started to smell close to me, I think it was pizza first and then ‘chicharron’ (pork rind)! Wtf? Why??? A […]

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São Paulo Airport (GRU)

So, my flight was scheduled at 3am, I was staying at another city, so I needed to get to the airport a day before. I arrived by 6pm… lot of time to kill. Before my flight, I asked some of my friends/family where I was staying to see if it was safe for me to […]

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