On my flight from Praia to Madrid, I had a stopover in Lisbon for about 8 hours. I actually had 2-3 more hours but had breakfast at the airport and arrived earlier before my next flight.


This wasn’t my 1st time in Lisbon, so if you are thinking about getting to know Lisbon in 8 hours or so, this won’t be so helpful. Because I think you need to visit places like Belen Tower, São Jorge Castle and more amazing beautiful landmarks and sights you cannot miss. That might take you about 3-4 days. Or maybe you can grab a ‘Hop-on Hop-off’

from my 2013 trip

For me, this time, I went to Plaça do Comercio where I started my little tour nearby. 8am perfect spot for pics without a crowd, and even that I had to wait for about 40min to take this one without so many people and I still had to delete a biker and 2 people…

One of the places I had to see because last time I didn’t, it was Santa Justa Lift. But… it wasn’t the best thing to do. Read about it here.

View from Santa Justa Lift to the Castle

Most of the time, I strolled around the city centre for pictures and few videos. Earlier in the morning it was much better because the streets were almost empty.

Before having lunch, I was walking by Chiado district when the rain started. So I decided to go inside a shopping mall in the area. Here I got free Wi-Fi and various places for coffee (I needed few extra shots in it) or fast food and lot of stores. The free Wi-Fi helped me a lot.


Because of my early arrival, I was getting hungry by 12. I didn’t want to visit the typical touristic places. I found a list of the best restaurants in the area, the problem was, all of them were open after 2pm. So I started to walk back to Praça do Comercio where I know there are lot of restaurants. I wasn’t happy but gotta eat something.

Art while walking on the sidewalks

After lunch, few hours before going back to the airport, I walked to Alfama. A beautiful area I felt in love the last time I was in town. In this area you’ll get to see lot of trams. You also find the São Jorge Castle. After a nice stroll I got to a small restaurant to grab a beer, enjoy the view and relax before my next trip. Great place to say ‘see you soon?’ (because I never know when I’ll come back or not) Lisbon…


Just so you know, my last international trip in the morning, the lines to check passports (non EU) was super long and slow, so take enough time to get back to the airport. For me, going from Lisbon to Madrid that time, it was super fast security point around 5pm, and of course didn’t have to go through passport control.

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