Less than 3 hours flight from Sanford, FL to Lehigh Valley, PA. Both small airports and super easy and fast to check in (online), drop a suitcase, security and boarding. I think it’s the fastest I’ve done from arriving at the airport until boarding the plane. Perfect. (Watch a video)


We flew with Allegiant, which is not one of the best ones but the crew was very friendly and helpful at all times. However, their seats reminded me about Ryanair… They don’t recline! lol

Arriving in Allentown, Pennsylvania at 9am was perfect to start my little tour around Lehigh Valley. It was mid August so the weather was great, sunny but not so hot, although after a long walk outside you feel it of course, but the 1st day was very relaxed. This is Trevor’s hometown which means he was about to present me a new city from his experiences. Couldn’t wait any longer!


My 1st stop was at Wegmans. Weird spot to begin because it’s a supermarket but it was great! Well, it’s a supermarket/deli/pub, I want one of this in Florida (Publix, I still love you).  Think Whole Foods, Trader Joes, or Fresh Market on steroids. First, we had lunch at the restaurant and then a stroll around this place. One thing I don’t like, not like Florida, to buy alcohol (beers or wine) you have to do it in another place, but they have a big selection of beers at the beer store. It was fun to walk around.

Okay… let’s get to know the area, no more stores…


My 1st real stop, it was to a ski resort, no snow at all but it was a beautiful place to start my tour around. Bear Creek Mountain Resort is beautiful! Even if you go off-season, they have restaurant, events and activities, live music, outdoors and indoor pools, bar and a beautiful landscape.


After driving around town, we went to a small but awesome spot for some drinks and meet with some friends. The Hut at Krocks Pub was super fun. Very local, so every one knows every one. Plus the weather was perfect, so we got to hang out outdoors for few hours while enjoying the sunset. At least me since I was new in the place.


The following day, after a quick breakfast, my first spot to visit was Bogert’s Covered Bridge which it was built in 1841.


Beautiful area to go for a stroll… if the weather permits of course. I don’t see myself walking for various hours in the middle of the winter 🙂



From there we visited a gorgeous garden. The Allentown Rose Garden is a perfect place to go for a walk and photography.



One of the things I like doing in every city or even countries, is to visit the local market. Sometimes supermarkets helps you know a bit more about the culture, but markets where you’ll see and meet true locals. Here it was perfect because there are lot of Amish people working and selling their goods.



A nice stroll by downtown after having a quick snack at one of the many restaurants or cafes you can find in the area.



The best part was getting to see a replica of a 1920’s Prohibition-era speakeasy at ROAR Social House. Excellent mixed drink selection, albeit a little pricey if you want to indulge in more than one.  The food is top-notch.



There are many places to see around Lehigh Valley, various towns to visit. However, my favorite was, without a doubt, Bethlehem.


This is the kind of place I like seeing when traveling. History, art and fun. Love it and I think it’s a must if you are in the area.




We also had few local beers like Zomerbier which it was delicious at Fegleys Brewworks. And to end that, a nice stroll around Bethlehem, where we had a mouthwatering dinner at Corked Wine Bar & Steakhouse.



That same night, we visited the Sands Casino which it is steps aways from -our last stop of the that amazing and fun day- Steel Stacks.

Steel Stacks by sunset

Another spot I loved. It used to be a very important and one of the largest steel producer in the country. Now it houses bars, a movie theater and a concert venue. We had a few drinks with friends while listening to a fun live band outdoors.



Perfect place to finish our little tour around Lehigh Valley.

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