On January (2019), we went on a Disney Cruise (yei!) to British Virgin Islands. One of the tours we took was to visit Devil’s Bay located in Virgin Gorda… WOW! One of those activities I’d do over and over again.

Para leer esto en español aquí

Here’s a video of the way to Virgin Gorda and a bit extra of Devil’s Bay and The Baths. (click CC for subtitles in English)

It’s a very interesting excursion. Once we arrived at Virgin Gorda, we took a bus to get to the National Park. From the entrance it’s like a 10 minute walk/hike to one of the beach areas. (here’s a video, remember it’s a 360º video, so you can move around the image)

Here’s a little bit from that beach.

After enjoying the clear and very calm water on that side, a little fun started by walking inside ‘caves’, so be prepare to crawl and climb areas and even walk inside water.

We got to the other beach area. There, you can find a store and a bar (I believe it was only cash). And it was another beautiful beach spot to enjoy.

From there, you don’t need to go again by the ‘caves’ to go back to the entrance of the park, just walk up hill until you reach the parking lot.

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