La Llovizna National Park, Venezuela

* I was born in Caracas, Venezuela. I’m half Colombian.

* Lived in Florida (St. Petersburg and then Miami and Ft. Lauderdale) from 1999-2009. Officially back in Florida, this time living in Central Florida since 2016.

* I have a Bachelor’s degree in Digital Filmmaking and Video Production, graduated in Ft. Lauderdale 2008.

* I also studied Theater (as a major) but didn’t finish it… maybe I should.

* I just got my MBA with a Hospitality Management concentration (of course!) in December 2018.

* Since 2008 I’ve been going around… most of my time I spent it between South Florida and Venezuela. For me, both are home 🙂

* Stayed for 2 months in Paris, France (2011)…. I’m still trying to learn French!

* Although I was born in Caracas, I spend a lot of time in Lecheria (Anzoategui state). It’s my 2nd home town.

* I’m not fluent in Portuguese, but I’m getting there. So, I kind of speak 4 languages (kind of… still learning all of them, including Spanish (1st))

* When I travel, I go with family, friends or by myself. I used to bring my baby, my mini Schnauzer (Obi † 2005-2017 #WandererObi). Now I get to travel with my new baby Chewie that was born the same day as Obi June 22nd. #WandererChewie on IG 😉

With Obi 🙂

* I love road trips! Specially if I’m driving. I love to drive!

*  Took my 1st cruise in 2017. I’ve done 3 so far.

* Living in South Florida, makes me mix Spanish and English… without noticing! Sometimes I say words in Spanish thinking in English, which makes no sense or the word doesn’t exist at all.

* I love writing stories/scripts. Since I was a kid I’ve been writing. I stopped for a while and now I’m getting back to it… so hopefully at some point I’ll have a book or I’ll make a movie (a thing I have to do at some point!)

* Love visiting Disney Parks, especially now since I live about 15 minutes away from Walt Disney World. My favorite is Epcot.

* My favorite beach to relax: any time, any beach, during low season or weekdays is at the Mochima National Park (Venezuela). I also love visiting Dania Beach (South Florida) and St. Pete Beach (Tampa Bay area).

* Beach girl, but I love the cold weather! Maybe because I like wearing coats, leggings, boots… :)’

* On my Instagram account you’ll find lots of pics from my trips. But also with friends, partying, with my dog, random stuff… trying to keep it travel related only —> WandererYoss


* Together with Ana, we created Acceso Total 29 in 2008. Remember to check out our travel videos: www.AccesoTotal29.com

* In 2010 I founded MoviCastle Productions Inc. in Miami, Florida. Later, in 2012, I founded MoviCastle Productions C.A in Caracas, Venezuela (active).

* #WandererYoss started because of one of my tattoos: Wanderlust. So I decided to take pictures showing my tattoo with a special, beautiful, iconic, fun… background! Search for that hash tag on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

* I like trekking or hiking. Just started it in 2014 when I visited Mount Roraima and done it few times. Love to do more!

* Planing few trips on my bike! First I need to do more training and get my bike ready for trips 🙂

Canaima National Park

2 thoughts on “About me”

  1. We’re thinking of traveling to Lecheria in March and would love to rent a house or condo. Do you know of anyone who does that?


    1. Hello Michael! I don’t know anyone in specific, but just be careful if looking online because I was actually searching for some apartment to rent for a week and found few nice places, but then looking at the pictures it’s not in Lecheria, it looks more like Miami or Ft. Lauderdale. (I know very well Lecheria, Miami and Ft. Lauderdale) If I found something I’ll let you know for sure. However, there are few hotels very nice to stay like Puerto Playa (which actually offers an apartment -2 bedrooms and 2 bathroom with a small kitchen and a balcony), Punta Palma (it has a beach), those two are the best options (quality, price, great staff, secure and very close to lots of things). Please, don’t doubt in contact me for anything you might need while in Lecheria, this is my 2nd home in Venezuela, my gorgeous country is amazing but not very secure right now :(. Take care.

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