Mochima National Park, located between Anzoategui and Sucre states in Venezuela. This is the place to visit if you want to relax, enjoy gorgeous views and maybe, see dolphins during your trip. Obviously, relax during low season, forget about holy week or carnivals!

Even if we’ve been there a lot, we love taking a boat and tour part of this breathtaking park at every opportunity we get. You can enjoy nature at its best. Every type of blue in the waters, every type of green in its mountains and hills. Dolphins swimming nearby. Pelicans and other birds flying above you. Mangroves, trees, beautiful flowers, corals, fishes, starfishes, all in one day of your stay. Every spot you visit is different.

Isla de Plata

Enjoy a view of the corals while swimming in La Piscina (The Pool beach), relax at Isla de Plata (Silver Island) or party at anytime in El Faro (The Lighthouse beach) thanks to all the people with their boat arriving with music and dancing on top of their yatchs.

El Faro

Most of the beaches have restaurants with, obviously, gorgeous view, or vendors with delicious and any kind of sea food. At some of them, you can even find bars where you can try my always favorite: pina coladas or any other tropical cocktails or non-alcoholic drinks. They also have rentals for your enjoyment of kayaks, banana rides, pedal boats and of course, extension chairs and beach umbrellas. Most of them, you can even pay with credit card, but I suggest you to take cash with you.

Ña Cleta

Take a peñero (small wood boat) to go to various beaches or take a tour around the park, from different points. In Lecheria, you can grab them from Plaza Mayor (a very colorful mall). In Puerto La Cruz, by Paseo Colon right in front of the huge blue cross you can’t miss. And in Pamatacualito which it’s located on the way to Guanta, in an area call Baritina. You may also meet some of the beaches without taking a boat, such as Playa Colorada, Arapito or Vallecito. You can get to them by car going from Puerto La Cruz to Cumana.

La Piscina

Some of my favorites beaches to visit: El Faro, La Piscina, Ña Cleta, Isla de Plata and El Saco. Although, I grew up going to every beach at this National Park, and I found each one of them beautiful and different, that I wouldn’t mind if you take me to any other beach 🙂 The best time to visit Mochima National Park, is at any time. It’s summer all year long! However, if you just want to relax, away from the crowd, avoid visiting during christmas, holy week or carnival since it will get very packed.

Dolphin at Mochima National Park

I invite you to watch our Mochima video at Acceso Total 29

Remember to keep clean the beaches. It’s YOUR planet too!

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