As I mentioned many times, I love movies and I enjoy a lot getting to see some locations where popular movies or TV shows have been filmed. If you are like me, traveling while finding those specific locations to step into the scenes of your favorite movies and TV shows, here I’ll take you to spots like the romantic allure of “The Notebook” to the whimsical world of “Tomorrowland”. Join me to visit some film and TV shows locations – part 2 – (read here part 1).

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Charleston, South Carolina (The Notebook):

I love Charleston, beautiful and charming town you need to visit at least once. Here, I found myself transported to the world of Noah and Allie’s timeless love story. From the iconic rowboat scene at Cypress Gardens to the historic Boone Hall Plantation, and some other spots in downtown area as the movie theater or the inside of the Calhoun Mansion or known today as Williams Mansion (which it was Allie’s parents home inside even when the exterior was Boone Hall), Charleston exudes the same Southern charm and romance depicted in “The Notebook.” This is a town that needs to be in your bucket list even if you don’t care about the movie.

Williams Mansion
Boone Hall

Savannah, Georgia (Forrest Gump):

In Georgia, you’ll find another beautiful town you need to visit, Savannah. The square where Forrest Gump famously waits for the bus in the opening scene of the movie is located in the heart of Savannah. Chippewa Square is a picturesque spot and it is where the iconic scene, where Forrest recounts his life’s journey while sitting on a bench, has become one of the most recognizable moments in film history. Although the actual bench used in the movie was a prop, there’s not a bench at that spot but you can find it at Savannah History Museum. This square, together with the whole town, will take you back in time and will take your breath away, beautiful and really nice to stroll around the city. Do not miss to visit River Street!

Bruges, Belgium (In Bruges):

Walking through the cobblestone streets and picturesque canals of Bruges, Belgium, it’s easy to see why this enchanting city served as the backdrop for the darkly comedic film “In Bruges.” From the iconic Belfry of Bruges to the tranquil Minnewater Lake, every corner of Bruges is a scene straight out of a movie. The whole city is amazing to explore it and enjoy a whole day visiting different sights. I spent a whole day exploring the town and it was amazing. Beautiful in every corner. With the pic below, I’m sitting opposite of where the actors of the movie are sitting, but it is the same statue of Jan Van Eyck.

Valencia, Spain (Tomorrowland):

Valencia, Spain, with its futuristic architecture and vibrant culture, provided the perfect setting for the imaginative world of “Tomorrowland.” Exploring the City of Arts and Sciences, I couldn’t help but feel like I was stepping into a sci-fi adventure. From the stunning design of the Hemisfèric to the futuristic structures of the Museu de les Ciències Príncipe Felipe, Valencia is a destination where reality meets fantasy. Not only that, I found it funny in a way, how the mixed City of Arts and Sciences and Tomorrowland in Walt Disney World -cuz that’s the one I know the most- (on the 2nd photo you can see in the back ground Space Mountain from Disney Parks). This area in Valencia is breathtaking, it truly takes you to another world.

Sanford, Florida (My Girl):

Located along the shores of Lake Monroe, Sanford, in Central Florida, served as the backdrop for the beloved coming-of-age film “My Girl.” It’s funny I go to Sanford often since it’s about 20 minutes from where I live and it offers so many restaurants and bars that we enjoy a lot, but had no idea it was the set for My Girl. With its charming downtown area and picturesque waterfront, Sanford captures the nostalgic charm of small-town America portrayed in the movie. We love visiting Hollerbach’s German Restaurant located right there (green awning on the 1st pic) and next door (between the German clothing store and market) is where her doctor’s office was (Dr. Wexley’s Office) (3rd pic). Also, today known as The Breezeway Restaurant & Bar, back when they filmed the movie was something else, is the restaurant where Vada, at the end of the movie, is eating with her dad.

Lakeland, Florida (Edward Scissorhands):

Even when the house where they lived was filmed in Lutz (north of Tampa), I visited one iconic location in Lakeland, between Orlando and Tampa, where Tim Burton’s “Edward Scissorhands” was filmed. I visited Southgate Shopping Center to take a look at one of the spots from the movie. Lakeland might not be very touristic, but I would recommend to visit on a Saturday to enjoy the farmer’s market by Munn Park, a stroll by Lake Mirror and don’t forget the beautiful Bonnet Springs Park.

I love visiting places like these when I travel. I think it’s fun and interesting to find those places, and something different too during some of those trips. Sometimes I don’t find out about a movie being recorded until long after I visited, for example with Tomorrowland, the movie came out in 2015 and I visited in 2014, so maybe it was in ‘post production’ when I visited. Have you been to any of those spots? What other movie or tv show set have you visited? Let us know!

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