As always, I love exploring Spain. It has so many incredible places to visit that it is difficult to get tired of traveling to this European country.

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One time while staying in Madrid for about 3 months, I took the advantage of a weekend and escaped to Valencia.

You can take a bus, or like we did, we took a train in Atocha. Besides, it is always great to visit Atocha because of how beautiful the station is inside. By train it took us about 2 hours, which we found it super easy for a weekend in the capital of the homonymous province and the Valencian Community.

Valencia has lots of places to see and to visit. Obviously you cannot forget to try a Valencian paella.

Here is a video showing you more about what we got to enjoy during a weekend (we arrived at noon on a Friday, we had all day on Saturday and almost all day of Sunday).

What other points do you recommend for a next visit? Let us know in the comments!

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