Venezuela, a country of contrasts and unparalleled beauty, offers travelers the opportunity to experience an incredible diversity of landscapes and cultures in each of its regions. From the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean Sea to the majestic mountains of the Andes, and from the vast plains of Los Llanos to the wonderful landscapes of the south with its unique tepuis and waterfalls, this country has it all.

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Morrocoy National Park

Join us on a tour of the different regions that make Venezuela an exceptional destination!

Desert: Contrast with the nearby coast of the Caribbean Sea

There are many areas that are magical, for example when visiting Falcón, you can start by exploring the old town of Coro full of history among the cobblestone streets, then continue towards the beautiful beaches but first you have to pass through the Médanos de Coro, a unique landscape that It is known for its extensive sand dunes. In addition to being a popular destination for those who enjoy outdoor activities, such as sandboarding, the Médanos de Coro is also an important conservation site, as it is home to a variety of wildlife adapted to this awesome environment. And please, let’s not forget the paradise of Los Roques… breathtaking!

Caribbean Sea: Where the blue of the sky merges with the coast

The Venezuelan coast along the Caribbean Sea is a beach lover’s paradise. Its warm blue waters are combined with golden sand beaches and rich marine life. Destinations such as Margarita, Los Roques and the Paria Peninsula offer unparalleled beach experiences. From diving to kitesurfing, here you will find a variety of activities to enjoy in this idyllic setting. Among my favorites are the Morrocoy and Mochima National Parks, the latter being practically what was my ‘playground’ for many years, its beaches are beautiful and different, from crystal clear water to a bit darker, white and even reddish sand.

Mochima National Park

Los Llanos: Flavor and Tradition in the Venezuelan savannah

The Venezuelan plains are known for their vast expanse of land and their livestock culture. Here, you will have the opportunity to try authentic Creole food, including delicious dishes such as carne en vara (beef) and arepas. Plus, you’ll be able to enjoy exciting photo safaris to spot the region’s unique wildlife, including caimans, birds, and capybaras.

The Andes: Nature, Snow and Culture

If you love the mountains and fresh air, the Venezuelan Andes await you. With snow-capped peaks, national parks and rich culture, this region is perfect for lovers of adventure and history. You can visit Mérida, known for its cable car and charming towns like Trujillo and Jaji.

The South: The Magic of the Tepuis and Overflowing Nature

The south of Venezuela is a hidden gem that is home to the majesty of the tepuis (rock plateaus) and boundless nature. Canaima National Park is home to iconic tepuis, such as Mount Roraima. And obviously we cannot forget the highest waterfall in the world, Angel Falls. The rivers, waterfalls and rainforests will immerse you in a world of natural beauty, it is an area that I never get tired of visiting. (main photo is part of this area and is the Aponwao Falls).

Each of these regions of Venezuela offers a unique experience. Yes, perhaps it may be a country that is not 100% safe, although recently I have seen many foreigners visiting and enjoying my country as I enjoyed it for a long time and I would still like to return to see more (I still have many spots I haven’t seen yet). So, do I recommend visiting Venezuela? Yeah! It is a beautiful country that offers a lot. But it’s up to you whether you dare or not. But like any other country, always be careful, it doesn’t matter if I’m in United States, Spain, Brazil or Cape Verde, I always pay attention to where I go.

Margarita Island
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