Florida, known for its warm weather all year round, offers a winter as diverse as its landscapes, although you won’t see snow (if it has happened, very little and rarely, but it has happened). Here I present 6 activities to make the most of the winter season in Florida.

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Of course, as I always make clear about the state that has been my home for many years, the weather here varies so much that perhaps during ‘winter’ you can spend one day bundling up completely and the next strolling around in shorts. So before visiting, check the temperature carefully on the days you visit and in those specific cities you go to, just because it is the same state does not mean that it will be the same climate.

A reel I made a while ago about the weather in Florida for my other blog dedicated 100% to that state.

What to do and what to visit during winter in Florida? None of the following points have to do with the famous theme parks.

Manatee Encounter in Crystal River

In winter, Crystal River becomes a refuge for manatees, seeking the warmer waters of the springs. Even the “manatee season” is between the months of November and March, by this I mean that during those months you will be able to see more of these beautiful and curious marine mammals at various points. A unique experience is taking a tour to ‘swim’ with the manatees. Imagine swimming (although it’s best to just float so as not to disturb the water) or snorkeling alongside these gentle marine giants in their natural habitat. We had the opportunity to do it once in Crystal River and it was an incredible experience.

Camping in Ocala National Forest

For those who love nature and adventure, Ocala National Forest is the perfect place for a day of camping in the dead of winter. With numerous campgrounds and trails to explore, you can enjoy the fresh air and starry nights. Prepare your tent, light a campfire and immerse yourself in the serenity of the forest. I went once in February, and although it rained a little, the weather was perfect since there were zero mosquitoes, perfect weather to enjoy at night and without so many people in the place.

Explore the Dali Museum in St. Petersburg

Escape the cold with a visit to the Dalí Museum in St. Petersburg. This museum houses the largest collection of works by Salvador Dalí outside of Europe. Immerse yourself in the artist’s surreal world and discover the genius behind his masterpieces. Obviously there are a lot of museums in Florida, but I never tire of recommending visiting this museum at least once in your life. In addition, the city is a beautiful place and even the Downtown area where the museum is located is one of my favorite ‘Downtowns’.

Stroll through the Vizcaya Gardens in Miami

If you’re looking for a quieter experience, Vizcaya Gardens in Miami offers a picturesque escape. Stroll around the site and admire the Renaissance architecture of the main mansion. Spectacular! In winter, the milder climate allows you to explore the gardens in comfort, enjoying the beauty and history in every corner. Remember that it is Miami and the climate is tropical, so it is much better to visit these gardens during the winter if you don’t want to be sweating with terrible humidity and chances of rain during the summer. (Find great deals for hotels in Miami here with Expedia!)

Visit the Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens in Delray Beach

Immerse yourself in the serenity of Japanese gardens at the Morikami Museum. This cultural oasis transports you to another world with its meticulously designed landscapes and fascinating exhibits. Another point in South Florida that I can’t recommend enough. Beautiful, you breathe tranquility and very close to Miami.

Tour the Everglades

As we continue to explore South Florida, experience the natural wonder of the Everglades. Enjoy stunning views of wildlife and stop at viewing points to appreciate the natural beauty of the wetlands and forests. Here you can stroll through different points by car, bicycle, there are areas where you can rent a boat or take a ride on an ‘air boat’, famous in the National Park.

Florida offers much more than theme parks and for winter, since the beaches can be very cold (unless you are from Alaska or Canada 🙂 without offending anyone, but for this Caribbean the water is very cold), lots of places that you can enjoy for a nice walk or an incredible experience. From manatee encounters to forest camping and exploring museums and gardens, there are activities to suit every taste. Venture beyond the ordinary and discover the diversity that winter in Florida has to offer!

If you want more tips and suggestions for walks in Florida, do not hesitate to check out my other blog TodoSobreFlorida.

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