I usually don’t like writing about a resort or a hotel I stay, unless it’s unique (as the one in Valencia) or extremely good in every way as Atlantis in Paradise Island, Bahamas. (Lee este artículo en español aquí)

We arrived from Orlando to Nassau. Short trip and at a good time (morning) to arrive in Nassau so we can walk a bit around downtown before heading to the hotel.

arriving at Atlantis

We got to check out some stores including the market and a quick lunch. I already knew that instead of a regular taxi we were going to take a water taxi to get to Paradise Island. Great decision.

We went to where we get the water taxi to get to Paradise Island, cheaper than a regular taxi and super fun. The guide on the taxi was amazing and funny, I don’t know if every taxi is like that. He was explaining to us a bit about what we were looking at including, what it was supposed to be, houses of celebrities as Steven Tyler and where a James Bond movie took place.

And then we arrive at Paradise… Island. It was truly paradise!

We stayed at Atlantis and this place is amazing! It offers 6 hotels (different prices), many pools, stores, a casino, a water park (Aquaventure), night clubs, comedy club, movie theater, a gorgeous and big aquarium (The Dig), spa, gym, activities like swimming with dolphins or sharks, lots of restaurants, a beautiful marina and of course… the gorgeous beach area.

Beach side of The Reef

Arriving with the water taxi and walking to The Reef (where we were going to stay) helped us to see the whole area. It might be a long walk specially while carrying bags, but it gave me a sneak peak of what I was going to enjoy for almost a week.

Small part of the huge aquarium

Impossible to get bored in this place. So many activities and places to visit.

The lagoon

Just walking around the whole resort it’s a whole entertainment. You can also grab a shuttle to get to the hotels. Each one of the hotels it’s unique, my favorite lobby has to be The Cove. It’s gorgeous!

The Cove Lobby

Talking about The Cove, that’s the only pool we couldn’t enjoy or at least hang out around, it’s it only for guests in that hotel and it’s for adults only. We stayed next door at The Reef where the pool is for The Cove and The Reef, as well as the beach area. So in a way it was pretty nice not having that many people in the beach area (well, it was 1st week of December) because people with a Day Pass can stay at the beach in other areas.

The Reef pool

I believe if you are coming just for a day with a cruise, you can get a pass to visit the resort or a day at the water park. So I think it’s worth it.

Public beach

The water park, Aquaventure, was so much fun, especially (as I call it) the not so lazy river “The Current”. It’s not slow at all, and it’s really fun. I think this was one of my favorite things to do. Also, at the waterpark, one of the slides will get you ‘closer’ to the sharks, well… sort of, you are on a tunnel where you get to see the sharks while floating. (watch the video by the end)

Part of Aquaventure

There is one night, at least during the time I was there, that they recreate in a way, Junkanoo. This is celebrated on Boxing Day (December 26) and on January 1st, but you get to see the festival on one day during the week (or twice) at the Marina Village. So if you are in the area, don’t forget to ask about it to check it out because according to what I’ve read, it could be any day. (watch the video below for this fun celebration)

We tried many restaurants, and they were all really good, but I have to say my favorite dish was by the pool area, a mahi mahi sandwich 🙂 it was so delicious that I had another one the following afternoon.

I visited the 1st week of December. As I was told, Summer time it gets super crowded, this time I thought it was great, not that many people around so easy to enjoy and walk around. For me, the beach water felt a bit cold for me, I got to enjoy the beach usually between noon and 3pm, after that it was breezy and felt cold for me, pools were great though.

More of my pics at this amazing place here. I also made a 5min video of Atlantis to show a bit more about this paradise in Bahamas.

Here is a link of a map of the Resort from the official web.

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