Ok… so this was a short trip, on a cruise. If it wasn’t I know I would had visited other towns nearby, but Koper was great little town to relax (after walking for so long previews days), got to try some local dishes and enjoyed the local beach.

— Disfruta Koper en español AQUÍ

arriving at my country #25

We started walking around the old town, very relaxed. From the cruise port, we just crossed the street and there’s an elevator to take you up to the old town.

Our first stop was at the heart of the old city, Titov Trg or Tito Square. Here we got to see the Praetorian Palace.

Praetorian Palace

Beautiful area with few cafes nearby that we regretted having breakfast in the cruised, but we tried something good later in the morning. We continued our walk around the old city.

After passing by many stores, other squares and really nice buildings, we arrived at Carpaccio Square. It is named after an Italian painter, Vittore Carpaccio.

Around this area we saw few restaurants and cafe so we decided to stop at one of them to have a coffee. Wow… delicious cold coffee at Kavarna Kapiranija, in front of the marina and some kiosks where I took the opportunity to get my typical souvenirs.

After some more strolling around, we decided to visit the city beach, City Baths Koper. For me was funny to enjoy the beach next to the port and the water so cold. Not only that, but not sand and it’s concrete where you lay down to get a tan… a bit weird for me. And it is a beach with pebbles, so again super happy we brought aqua socks for this trip.

However, the water is super clear and calm, love it, even when it was super cold for me I swam and enjoy it to maximum. Felt super good after a long walk around town. Not only that, but the lounge chairs available in the area are free, so if staying for a while, better to arrive early to grab a chair.

If don’t feel like staying that close and under the sun, people were relaxing by the grass few steps away, some even with tents. It was a different experience for me.

We went to the restaurant in the area to try something local. We ordered 2 local beers (really good) -Laško – and I tried fried sardines and a fish soup… omg so good! They were delicious and the people very friendly and nice. Really loved that place.

I remember that I was thinking if visiting some other city nearby instead of staying in Koper, but glad we did. It was a very relaxed day at a nice city.

For more pics from Koper, Slovenia here.

Don’t forget to watch AT29’s video (click CC for subtitles in English):

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