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My 5 favorite beaches…

Summer is around the corner! And of course, as a Caribbean/Floridian girl all I think about it’s the beach, pool and a piña colada in my hands. I grew up going to the beach almost every weekend and holidays. Love it, I’m a Pisces so I feel connected to the ocean in so many ways. […]

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Canaima (Day 2)

The following morning, after getting breakfast and walking to our neighbor camp to take a last look at the Angel Fall, we rode back to Canaima on the curiara. (read about day 1) Of course, on the way, the same rapids and beautiful views we saw on the way to the fall, only this time […]

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Canaima and Angel Falls (Day 1)

If I thought trekking Mount Roraima was an amazing trip while in Venezuela, that’s only because I didn’t know Canaima and Angel Falls. Okay… maybe both trips are as incredible as the other, only different kind of breathtaking views. For this trip I went with my aunt. We flew from Ciudad Bolívar to Canaima in […]

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Santa Teresa rum

I’ve seen it, a lot, around bars in Europe and at some markets in the USA. It is known as the best rum in the world, it’s a Venezuelan rum and I had the opportunity to visit the ranch where everything started: Hacienda Santa Teresa. (Leer esto en español aquí) Not only once, but I’ve […]

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Few days in Morrocoy

For this trip, as every other time, I went with Ana, one of my best friends and AT29’s co-producer. And her husband. Always super fun to be with them. We went to Chichiriviche. This small town is located in Falcon state. About an hour from Valencia (Carabobo state) and only minutes away to some of […]

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Mount Roraima

For me, this is one of those journeys that kills you at the same time you fell in love with it. It was an amazing, fun, incredible trip, however, because I’m not that sporty (I used to and after this trip I’m trying to get back at it) it killed my legs that I couldn’t walk […]

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My Venezuela in pics.

Even when Venezuela is going through a (very) difficult time right now, even when I love being in other countries and because of my ‘being used to’ live in Florida, I go nuts while spending so many days and even months in Venezuela… this is my GORGEOUS country. A country that I love, a country that […]

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Lechería, Venezuela

I have to take you to my second home town in Venezuela. Most of the people (even here in Venezuela) say ‘I’m going to Puerto La Cruz‘ when they actually mean ‘I’m going to Lecheria‘, unless you are actually going to Puerto La Cruz (where the ferry port is located). Lecheria is a small city […]

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Dancing Devils of Yare, Venezuela

I’m so happy today, Thursday December 6th 2012, because the Dancing Devils of Yare (Diablos Danzantes de Yare) have been included in the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO.

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