Summer is around the corner! And of course, as a Caribbean/Floridian girl all I think about it’s the beach, pool and a piña colada in my hands.

I grew up going to the beach almost every weekend and holidays. Love it, I’m a Pisces so I feel connected to the ocean in so many ways. I mean, growing up in Venezuela with that gorgeous Caribbean sea just steps away from home, impossible not to love it. And as a Venezuelan I will always say: Venezuelan beaches are the most gorgeous I’ve seen, so I’m not going to add any beach from my country (but just so you know, Morrocoy National Park, Mochima National Park, Los Roques, La Tortuga Island – are my favorite places to visit while I’m in Venezuela)

However, traveling around, living in Florida for so long… let me show you my favorite 5… it wasn’t easy to decide.. maybe I’ll do another list another time. There’s not an order in which it’s my #1, but here they are…

  • Palm Beach (Aruba)
Relaxed much? 🙂

The few times I’ve been to Aruba, I stayed in this area. You have the hotels, restaurants, shopping, bars, night entertainment… and that gorgeous, warm, clearwater beach. Last time I visited (2017) it was even better because last time I went to Venezuela was 1 year before that, so it kind of made me feel at home. It’s only few miles away from Venezuelan coast, to Morrocoy National Park, so the water feels the same. Warm, calm and super clear. Love it. And if staying at any of the hotels there, even better because it will be easy to get few drinks while enjoying the place.


  • Governor’s Beach (Grand Turk)

I visited this place while on a cruise. When I saw from our room in the ship that water so close to us, I knew that place was for us to relax and forget about every trouble in our minds. As I mentioned on my post about my 1st cruise, we went to this beach that Trev already knew, few minutes away from the port. It was breathtaking. So peaceful, not crowded making you feel you are at a private island (there were probably 3 or 4 people there), water so calm and clear where we can easily see the fishes swimming around. Nothing around you, so you better bring your bottle of water (or whatever you feel like drinking) and snacks if that’s your thing.

  • Dania/Hollywood Beach (Florida)
Dania Beach

So many things I can tell about this area. I’m not gonna say I grew up around here, but almost… since always I’ve been visiting Hollywood Beach and Dania Beach. While living in South Florida it became part of my weekends. It was either relaxing with friends or between classes, since it was pretty close instead of driving home Dania was my spot, or with friends feeling a bit more the ‘party’ time. Both are gorgeous and next to each other, so easy to go to both the same day. Dania might be a place to go, get tan and relax, while in Hollywood you’ll see more people, more restaurants and bars. Yes, in Dania Beach you will also find a little place for burgers or sandwiches or the pier with a bigger restaurant. You might see some waves and it might get a bit windy, but both places are my favorite to visit while in South Florida. No doubt about it. Plus it’s one of my favorite areas to go biking (read about it here)

  • Paradise Island (Bahamas)

It was a few days I stayed at Atlantis in Paradise Island… and it was true paradise. Ok… if you add the Atlantis Resort to this, it might be #1 on this list, but I’m just talking about beaches so I still don’t know which it’s my #1 :). Visiting the first days of December it was kind of a good idea. Not so many people, so the beach was kind of for ourselves, no rain at all but (at least for me) it was a bit too cold, especially after 4pm or so when it got a bit windy. Everything else was perfect. Plus we got to see so many fishes swimming next to us at all time. One area we were at, there were many rocks, but once you go a bit deeper, no rocks and felt great. Plus of course, if staying at any of the resorts you have the waterpark and pools to enjoy.

  • Clearwater/Honeymoon Island/Caladesi Island (Florida)
Clearwater Beach

Ok… 3 different places that from one to the other you might need few minutes. You might be able to walk from one part of Clearwater Beach to Caladesi Island, I’ve never done it but looking at the map looks like it. Driving you can get to Honeymoon Island, stay there or take a boat to get to Caladesi Island. Anyway you want it, the beach in this area is gorgeous. Clearwater might get some waves, but at Honeymoon or Caladesi is very calm (at least the few times I’ve visited). If taking a boat or relaxing by Honeymoon, pay attention because you might see dolphins.

Caladesi Island (entrance by boat)
  • Islas del Rosario (Colombia)

Did I say top 5? oh well… one more for the list! One of my favorites cities in South America it’s, without a doubt, Cartagena. It’s beautiful, fun, colorful, friendly people, delicious dishes… and this year (2018) I got to visit another gorgeous part, a little island from Islas del Rosario. I so want to go back to see more of those islands and beaches because this one I visited, it was stunning. So I believe I went to Isla Grande (Grand Island), to the area of “Playa San Pedro de Majagua”. The water is so relaxing, clear and calm. The one thing I hated, to enter you’ll find so many rocks that it’s difficult to walk but once it gets a bit deep it was all great. So we took a boat tour to get there, lunch was included (delicious of course) and we could use the bathrooms in the area. Plus there were some vendors (souvenirs time) and a bar to order some drinks while you enjoy the almost perfect beach (just because those rocks).

So, what are you favorite beaches and where are they?? I still need to travel more.. I want to go to Thailand, Fiji, Bora Bora, so many places in Brazil, more from the Caribbean…..

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