For this trip, as every other time, I went with Ana, one of my best friends and AT29’s co-producer. And her husband. Always super fun to be with them.


We went to Chichiriviche. This small town is located in Falcon state. About an hour from Valencia (Carabobo state) and only minutes away to some of the keys from the Morrocoy National Park. In Venezuela 🙂


As soon as we arrived we went to have lunch. We had a couple of options but most of them were closed. It was Wednesday, low season and it’s not a very touristic city as its neighbor Tucacas (only minutes away). The restaurant we visited: Casamare. Not good! No, no… it was the worst thing ever! Service was super slow and the seafood we ordered weren’t as good as they looked. I know in Tucacas I’ll find better restaurants even fast food.

Disappointed with the food, we went to the hotel where we always stay, Hotel La Puerta de Morrocoy. That one never disappoint us. Small place but very comfortable and familiar. Super clean, A/C is perfect (too hot outside), nice pool and jacuzzi and very friendly staff. They also offer trips to the keys.



It was beach time! There are various points from where you can get a tourist boat to get to the beaches. They even take you on a tour around various keys.


It was around 3:30, and we arrived to ‘Cayo Muerto’ (Dead Key) and it was almost dead. There were about 3 other families. They all left by 4pm. We were leaving at 5pm so we had the key for ourselves for a whole hour! Relax all the way… and lots of selfies… and other pictures of course. Having some beers, talking in the calm water, enjoying that time.


We went back to the hotel, made some sandwiches while talking by the pool with some drinks.

Yummy breakfast! (empanadas)

The following day, Ana’s husband went fishing early in the morning, while we went to have breakfast, a typical breakfast with ’empanadas’. Before 12pm we were driving to Valencia. I was going to meet with family there to go back (just me with family) to Morrocoy.


With family I stayed in Tucacas, the other area to visit Morrocoy National Park. We went to the hotel and then to have lunch at a marine nearby. Well, everything is really close. That lunch was delicious. I ask the same as the preview day, different restaurant of course, shrimps with ‘tostones’ (or patacones). Perfect!


Later that day, we drove into Morrocoy National Park. Even when most of the park is beach and gorgeous keys, there’s a small area by the hills in front of the ocean, where you’ll find lots of inns, gorgeous inns by the way, homes, marines and some stores, specially to buy last things people forget to get before going to the beach, as ice. Also, the best spot to get some frozen drinks like, my favorite, piña coladas. Oh my God! It was at ‘Cocadas de Doña Eugenia’ and those piña coladas were delicious!! They were made with natural fruits, not only that, but she adds some pineapples pieces to the drink. Yummy!




After going around, stopping for pictures and videos, we went back to the hotel to rest.

The following morning, it was beach time again! This time with my family, my mom, dad and crazy aunt that a lot of people say I look like her (personality). Yes, we might be a bit nuts 🙂 A fun way to enjoy life I guess…


We went to a marine, where a boat was waiting for us. Since my parents haven’t been in this National Park for a really long time, I believe my mom’s last time was back in 1999, we went on a tour around the keys.


I grew up going to Mochima National Park, I love it and miss it, the water is colder and the beaches are so different. White sand, dark sand, dark water or really clear water where you can easily see corals. In Mochima you have everything. However, in Morrocoy I see all the beaches pretty much the same. Gorgeous, they are all so incredible beautiful. White sand, super clear water with a variation of blues and greens. Lovely. The water is a bit warmer than Mochima, some people like it like that. With the super hot weather at all times, I rather the water to be a bit colder. Either way, Mochima and Morrocoy are two amazing National Park that Venezuela has to offer.


We went to various keys, made a stop at the ‘starfish pool’ where you can easily see lots of starfish. Animas, Los Juanes, Playuela y Playuelita and, even when I say they all look almost the same because of the sand and water, we also went to my favorite one, Cayo Sombrero. In this one, the water looks so blue that it’s unbelievable.



One of the things I love about Morrocoy, you get to see lot of vendors among the keys. Some of them are just swimming with a floating tray or something like that, selling drinks or food. Some of them are on small wood boats, or peñeros, and even credit cards are accepted!




After relaxing, lots of photos, getting burn (I rarely get tan…), by4pm we were returning to the marine. After all I actually spend about a week in the beach, between Aruba, the following day after arriving back in Venezuela to Morrocoy with Ana and her husband and then Morrocoy again with family.


I needed to take a small break before starting my next trip. I also needed to write about preview trips and make videos for AT29!

Remember to keep the cities and beaches clean! 🙂

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