A sunny day, a gentle breeze and the promise of adventure in a Caribbean paradise – this is how our day trip in Philipsburg, St. Maarten began. We arrived on a cruise and since we booked the cruise, Trevor told me that he really wanted to return to this town again. And I loved it! Are you ready to join us on this one-day adventure?

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Our limited time in this charming area of St. Maarten required a precise strategy: explore the area, soak in the crystal-clear waters and, of course, enjoy some beachfront cocktails. Obviously, I did a little research before the trip to get the most out of it, it’s always very important, especially when it’s only few hours.

If you arrive by cruise ship you have several options that you can do with the excursions that the cruise ships offer, such as visiting Maho Beach, famous for the arrival of airplanes super close to the beach, or Orient Beach, which is located on the French side of the island. There are many options and that is why I need to return to explore more. We decided to just take a boat taxi to Philipsburg and enjoy the day to the fullest. Also, we were told, that traffic might be a bit crazy to go on your own to places that far, so if you decide to visit something different, I recommend to get it with the cruise so you are secure to return on time to the ship before departing.

In the cruise port area, apart from various shops and even a very nice little bar, you’ll find taxi boats that take you to Philipsburg. I saw that you can walk, about 20 minutes, but under the sun and without any pretty views. The boat costs $7 round trip, and in a few minutes you will be among shops, bars and a beautiful beach.

We began exploring the charming alleys and squares, until we reached a point that caught my attention since I saw it on the map when I was doing a research, Yoda Guy Movie Exhibit. I enjoy Star Wars movies a lot, especially the originals, but it is a very curious place not only for Star Wars fans, since it is one of the creators of Yoda who will be the same one who takes care of you and who has also, over the years, collected a lot of movie items.

We continued the stroll among the colorful houses, shops and beautiful places, I also noticed that there are many walls decorated with beautiful paintings of people, some history of the place or abstract art.

Later, we arrived at a square that I loved with its fountains in the center and the small colorful businesses on the sides, perfect to take us to the turquoise blue sea. Some landscapes to truly fall in love with.

There, for us, the fun began a little more. There are so many restaurants and bars in front of the beach that you want to stop at all of them. Cute and they all have their special charm. Not only that, but after spending several days with cruise prices, the prices there were wonderful for our wallets.

We tried delicious pina coladas (one of my favorite beach cocktails), and one place even claimed to have the most delicious pina colada in the world… and it really was delicious! I think that was my favorite little bar Double Dutch Cafe, simple but really nice. Also another one that we liked, since it was a little elevated offering a beautiful view, and we also tried their local beer, Dutch Blonde Beach Bar & Restaurant. But really, every spot has their magic and the attention to everyone was very good.

And well, I can’t forget the beautiful beach there. Very calm with no crazy waves, white and soft sand, a the water a little cold for my tastes but it was January when we visited and once inside you forget about the cold, I have also been to colder beaches during that month in the Caribbean. Along the beach, rows of colorful umbrellas and loungers inviting you to relax and enjoy the surroundings. It really is a stunning place.

After a relaxing time on the beach, we began walking towards the taxi boat. Along the way, we made several strategic stops to try different drinks. Again, many bars with something fun or special from them.

And that was our amazing day in Philipsburg. Although it was a short visit, it allowed us to immerse ourselves in the natural beauty, culture and hospitality of this charming Caribbean city. With hearts full of unforgettable memories, we returned to the cruise with a promise to return to explore more of St. Maarten in the future. A cruise stop that was certainly worth it and I would love to repeat soon.

Everything was also excellent and calm, since we were the only cruise ship in the town, talking to locals, they told us about the contrast of the day of our visit with the agitation that had been experienced the previous day when three cruise ships arrived. So we were lucky.

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