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Film/TV shows locations

I love movies! Movies and traveling are my 2 biggest passion. Reason why I studied digital filmmaking, I make travel videos and even when traveling I try to find locations where a movie or a tv show was filmed, maybe to feel a little bit inside a famous scene. I still have too much to […]

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My 5 favorite beaches…

Summer is around the corner! And of course, as a Caribbean/Floridian girl all I think about it’s the beach, pool and a piña colada in my hands. I grew up going to the beach almost every weekend and holidays. Love it, I’m a Pisces so I feel connected to the ocean in so many ways. […]

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Food and drinks in Madrid

I’ve been coming to Madrid since 2007, I think I’ve been visiting every year, for few days or even stay in Spain for months (less than 90days of course). I love the nightlife in this city! It’s always super fun and you’ll find so many places to visit, or even go bar hopping. Plus I think every […]

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5 destinations that will leave you speechless

I had visited so many beautiful and amazing places/cities, that I should have different ‘top 5’ of destinations that will take your breath away.

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5 places to visit in Venezuela

There a lot of cities or areas in Venezuela that I love and that I always recommend to venezuelans and friends from other countries. Two of those are Gran Sabana (you can read about it here) and Los Roques (a gorgeous archipelago national park in the Caribbean) – which I hope to visit it again […]

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3 cities, 3 activities

Every city you visit has a lot of activities to offer you. Either for fun, to relax or spend a great time with family, friends or even by yourself. I think the following, are some of my favorites so far. (so far! the more I travel, the more I know)

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