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Ponce Inlet lighthouse

I love visiting Ponce Inlet which is just a few minutes south of Daytona Beach and in less than 1 hour you are in Orlando. Why do we like Ponce Inlet?

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A stroll around St. George Street.

I love visiting St. Augustine in Florida. It is located almost 2 hours from Orlando, south of Jacksonville, and is the oldest city in the United States. (Leer en español) Remember to watch Acceso Total29’s video about the city in general, but today, I show you in a 360º video a little bit of the […]

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My 5 favorite beaches…

Summer is around the corner! And of course, as a Caribbean/Floridian girl all I think about it’s the beach, pool and a piña colada in my hands. I grew up going to the beach almost every weekend and holidays. Love it, I’m a Pisces so I feel connected to the ocean in so many ways. […]

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To do in Central Florida… with rain.

Ok… I love my Sunshine State, but there are times, especially during Summer time that rain doesn’t stop and let’s not talk about hurricane season. But oh well… I’ve been here for almost 19 years and not counting when I was coming during holidays, so I’m kind of used it. This following weekend, Memorial Day […]

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With a Dog in Central Florida

Recently I lost my baby boy Obi. He was 12 years old and after 6 months (today) I still miss him so much. He was my companion, and people knew how much we both loved each other (following me everywhere, mad at me when I left, happy and loud when I was back and it […]

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Food & Wine Festival at Epcot

I love traveling… it’s the best school and feeling ever. I mean, you get to visit beautiful sights, enjoy amazing cities, learn about different cultures and even languages. Living few minutes away from Walt Disney World it’s another experience… wait… don’t leave this page… this is not about princesses or animated characters… this is a […]

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In Orlando – not theme park related

Yes, most of the people that visit Orlando (Central Florida) are going to the theme parks. Either Disney or Universal or anything in between… But let me tell you something… there’s SO MUCH MORE than that! I promise you will have a great time even if you just want to take a break from the […]

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A morning in Walt Disney World Resort

This doesn’t mean I went to a Disney Park on a beautiful Sunday morning. As I always say, and most of the time I prove my friends wrong that Disney World is not just for kids, adults can enjoy a Disney morning, afternoon or evening without kids. Naturally if you are thinking about princesses and taking […]

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Road trip: Daytona to St. Augustine

I love road trips! Love driving by gorgeous and different sceneries every time I can. In Florida, one of my favorite drives is Miami-Key West. It is so breathtaking I never get tired of it. While in Central Florida, I was looking for a town or a place to visit during the day. I read […]

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