In Central Florida, less than 2 hours drive from Orlando, there is a small town: Crystal River.

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It is not the typical holiday city, but it has some very interesting and beautiful spots to visit, such as a beach and an archaeological park.

The area is known for being a place where manatees arrive during the winter since the springs maintain an ideal temperature for them, 72 to 74F.

Of course, with this I want to clarify that manatees do not come to this area to entertain us. You have to follow some rules to be able to protect them. The idea is to learn more about manatees, learn about their customs and help them live in peace. Because of this, I really recommend you, as I mention in the video, to go with guides to this area since in those tours they can teach us more about these ‘sea cows’ so we won’t make mistakes that can put them in danger.

Now, here is a video with this experience that I recommend you add to your travel bucket list. It is incredible! I also show you a bit more of Crystal River and “Ellie Schiller Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park” with more manatees and other animals.

Music thanks to Trevor Hinson

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