I’m sure you haven’t heard someone say ‘I’m going to Tulsa for vacation’… but it wouldn’t hurt to add it on your bucket list to explore it for a few days. We had a great time. We visited several interesting points and we even missed some other places that look good, perhaps for a next trip. We’ll tell you more about our experiences and some tips to enjoy Tulsa to the fullest during your stay. On this trip around Tulsa we walked among museums, parks and even a beautiful spring. Let’s go!

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trip around Tulsa

We stayed in Downtown Tulsa (4 nights and 3 days) where we wandered around various places. Trying good restaurants and even a tiki bar that we visited. We love going to tiki bars. On this other post I’ll tell you a little more about those places we went to for food and drinks.

Also in downtown you’ll find the Bob Dylan Center and the Woody Guthrie Center, next to each other, although we only explored the Bob Dylan since it was the main reason my husband wanted to go to Tulsa. If you are not a fan, it’s okay, I’m not a fan either but I enjoyed it. We discover fascinating details about his legacy and his impact on contemporary music. We purchase tickets in advance, even before arriving in Tulsa, for a specific day and time. Here’s the official site for the Bob Dylan Center to get your tickets.

trip around Tulsa

We also visited other museums such as The Sherwin Miller Museum of Jewish Art, very interesting, and even ONEOK Boathouse which is located in the beautiful park Gathering Place. The park, by the way, is stunning and has several activities for the whole family, including kayak rentals.

trip around Tulsa
The Sherwin Miller Museum of Jewish Art
viaje por Tulsa
Gathering Place

We also got to visit several areas of the famous Route 66, including this diner where we had lunch. Not that far away, you’ll get to the Cyrus Avery Centennial Plaza, a space with a lot of history that pays tribute to the legacy of the famous Route 66 and its impact on Tulsa history. If you cross the Arkansas River, on the other side of Cyrus Avery, you’ll find Route 66 Neon Sign Park. Although we did not visit it on this trip, it is simply some old neon signs that look nice for photos.

The only bad thing I saw about the area, both for Cyrus Avery and park with the neon signs, there is no parking in the exact place, we had to park (when we arrived at Cyrus Avery) a few steps from the place in Riverside Dr. (super easy walk) and I imagine that for the neon signs you will have to walk across the bridge to the other side. The Plaza doesn’t take more than 5 minutes to explore it.

We also visited the Hard Rock and River Spirit casinos, where we enjoyed entertainment, food and a good atmosphere. At the Hard Rock, for example, we had dinner at a small diner, HWY 66 Diner, which wasn’t bad, not the best food you will eat in the place but pleasant because of the decoration.

So, our flight back to Orlando was suspended for an entire day, at least we saw the messages while at the hotel, and we took advantage of that extra day to go to Cave Springs Swimming Hole, a natural oasis where we relaxed and enjoyed nature. Bring cash so you can pay for parking to a lady who passes by the area often.

trip around Tulsa

In short, Tulsa offers a unique blend of history, culture, and entertainment that makes it worth exploring. It may not be Disney or a super touristy and popular place, but Tulsa is worth a visit!

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Below is our video of the trip, you can click CC for subtitles in English:

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