Not many trips to other countries, not sure if I feel like traveling by plane to another city yet. However, we’ve been exploring more places and doing more activities in Florida. (this trip was in 2020)

As a traveler, sometimes I just forget to check out my own home. Now, with everything we are going through, worldwide, I’m taking advantage to explore a little bit more my area (Central Florida) and the whole state.

We’ve been many times to Cocoa Beach, it’s an hour (or a bit more) away from Orlando so it’s a nice day trip. But, this time, we decided to rent a boat (a pontoon in this case) to just relax and spend a different afternoon by the water.

It was a relaxing little trip. Only 3 hours to enjoy it and it was worth it!.

Check out my video about this nice trip in Cocoa Beach.

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