A long trip, but super enjoyable. A few years ago we decided to do a ‘road trip’ to Cucuta (Colombia), being the closest to the border with Venezuela, and thanks to having parents who also love to travel. The reason for this is that while in Caracas (Venezuela) it was a bit difficult to find everything we needed in the supermarkets -I try not to talk about politics here, but that was the main reason for the trip-

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This was in 2014, so nothing recent and may be a little different today.

Although in ‘Google Maps’ says to be a trip of 12 hours and a little more, we did it in 3 days. Some beautiful landscapes along the way and 2 stops in different cities. The 1st was easy but we wanted to visit some friends, from Caracas to Valencia (about 2hrs) and the 2nd night we spent in Barinas where we also had a good meal with meats, cheeses and tostones (patacones) all very fresh and delicious.

We crossed the Simón Bolívar International Bridge to get to Cucuta. Obviously, it’s not a touristy city, but interesting to see it. Of course, our main goal was to visit supermarkets among other things.

Historic church of Cúcuta

Back from Cucuta, we spent another night in Barinas. Then we stopped in the state of Portuguesa where we visited the Basilica Minor National Shrine of Our Lady of Coromoto, patron saint of Venezuela.

This time we had lunch in Cojedes state where, of course, we enjoyed another super delicious dish and typical of the area.

Here is a video of this beautiful trip through Venezuela and a little part of Colombia: (CC for subtitles)

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