Another amazing trip around Galicia!

I spent a few weeks in the Autonomous Community between several provinces and cities, including of course, the city of A Coruña where I stayed only 1 day.

— Lee esto en español —

Visiting places like the Tower of Hercules from where we enjoyed an excellent view and strolling around the center of the old city between squares and businesses. La Coruña offers many places to see in 1 day or 1 week.

A Coruña is the 2nd most populated city in Galicia, being the first Vigo that I also visited on that trip, so stay tune to future posts.

View from Tower of Hercules

As I mention in the video, I was in the city of Santiago de Compostela – you can read about that city here – and it seemed like a good idea to travel by car to this other city. And the truth is, that it was an excellent decision. By car it took me almost 1 hour, but you can also go by train which would be less than 30 minutes. In the city, we managed to stay a little less than 6 hours so we could not see more places since the next day we were leaving from Santiago de Compostela to Oporto (Portugal).

Here is a video about this trip to La Coruña (known in Spanish) or A Coruña (its official name in Galician). (click CC for subtitles)

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