The following morning, after getting breakfast and walking to our neighbor camp to take a last look at the Angel Fall, we rode back to Canaima on the curiara. (read about day 1)

Waking up at the camp


Of course, on the way, the same rapids and beautiful views we saw on the way to the fall, only this time I had my camera on my bag all cover and protected and no rain.


Once we were back at our inn, where we were going to spend the 2nd night, after lunch, we relaxed for an hour before heading to another tour nearby. Another hike super easy, more falls to see, more incredible moments to remember.




We went on a curiara to Anatoly Island, crossing the Canaima Lagoon and passing by, and super close, falls as ‘Golondrina’ ‘Ucaima’ and ‘Hacha’. Beautiful. This time it was only my aunt, a local girl and our (amazing) guide Tony. We arrived at the island and started to walk to ‘Salto El Sapo’ (Frog Falls).


Our first stop was on top, to the one side, of the fall. The view from there to the savannah was astonishing! We stayed for few minutes there.


Later, we went to the most amazing place, the backside of the fall! First, we needed to leave everything to a side before walking behind the waterfall. It is really strong that it might blow a hat or something. Plus you need to walk with socks, it’s safer to walk with socks instead of shoes. This time I only took my GoPro with me.

(I say: “This is amazing!”)

We started walking, it started to feel amazing to be back there.


Very breezy because of the power of the water. After a while, we reached the stronger side of the waterfall, I couldn’t even see in front of me, the water didn’t let me see, I had to protect my sight with one hand while holding a rope with the other one. It was difficult but great.


Once I got to the other side, I saw a ‘pool’ which it was perfect to stay and relax with that sight. The waterfall to one side and the amazing view to Canaima to the other side.


We stayed for few minutes relaxing at that ‘pool’ with that stunning view. It was perfect.


From there, we walked a bit more until the other side of the fall. The afternoon was almost over. It was so refreshing to be there.


And of course, even when we were told that from the airport the view is better, but we saw an amazing sunset by the Canaima Lagoon. A must see!


After getting back to the room, we had dinner and then went to a night club. It was another thing I found so funny to see in the middle of nowhere. And the club was really cool! A bit expensive (if paying in Bsf, because from $ is still cheap) but it was a really nice place to say goodbye. We got together with 2 of our group because one of them was celebrating his birthday. So we had a couple of beers in front of the Canaima Lagoon with nice music and talking about everything.

If having an amazing time at an magical place, time goes so fast. It was time to say goodbye to Canaima National Park. One more time. I love this place. I’d return every time I have an opportunity


Enjoy my video about this trip: (click CC for subtitles)

Remember to keep it clean, let’s protect our planet!

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