Walking around in Valencia is like walking through an art museum. I loved it. Every where I looked there were sculptures, beautiful building and of course, the amazing ‘City of Arts and Science’

For me, even the hotel where I stayed was a museum. I say for me since I’m addicted to movies and ‘Hotel Casual’ was my film museum.


Every room and every floor has an unique decoration. Each room represents a movie, from Star Wars to Snow White, my room it was all about “Breakfast At Tiffany’s” Although they should have some Tiffany’s jewelry as gifts 🙂 Just saying…


I had the opportunity to get to see some of the rooms and I think my favorite was Mary Poppins, specially the lamp made with an umbrella. Snow White was beautiful as well, what I liked the most is that if you stand by the door, you can see the reflection of Snow on the mirror. I remember when we arrived, I asked if we could get any room but the Matrix, I saw the pic online and I though it was too much in the room. But well, I’m sure lot of Matrix followers will like it!



HotelCasual_MaryPoppins  HotelCasual_Superman


The location is perfect, just a block away from the City Hall and its square. Lots of stores, restaurants nearby plus the bus stop.

The staff at the hotel were always very friendly with us, they helped us with any doubts we had. Great hotel that I’d stay again and recommend to anyone.



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