One of the places I wanted to visit in Split, it was The Cathedral of Saint Domnius and the Bell Tower.

After walking around town, we went to the Cathedral area. We got our combo ticket that includes: Treasury, Church, Crypt, Bell Tower, and Jupiter’s Temple. Bell Tower was the highlight of my day. When we were getting the tickets, they told me I needed something extra to cover myself. I usually pack something to cover when visiting a religious temple but for some reason I forgot. Oh well… they offer a cover up just for the Cathedral, when exiting you can leave it on a basket they have by the exit.

First, we visited the Treasury. From there, we got to the Church. The place is beautiful inside, small area compared to many other cathedrals I’ve visited. Then, the weirdest and a bit scary climb, the bell tower. (video I made ‘live’ on FB going down – it’s in Spanish but you get to see a bit how it’s the climb).

So the line was a bit long, since there are people that only want to see the bell tower, but moves fast. I mean, believe me when I say we have to wait for people to get out so more people can go up.

The 1st steps were super narrow, and for us – tall people – was a bit difficult but fun of course. I kind of start imagine how everything else was going to be.

1st steps

We stopped at an open area before climbing the actual metal stairs of the bell tower. From there you get to see the area a bit better from that side. We also needed to wait for people to get out since this time there was only one narrow way to go up and down. Ok… so, while climbing, I was super happy I was wearing my sneakers and not sandals as usual, I think it will be more secure to do it with closed shoes. Then I had to do a ‘typical tourist’ and hang my camera on my neck so I can feel more secure with both my hands free. I have to mention, some steps, they were metal, made some sound that you might think the thing is falling apart lol…

View from the top

Every other time, we needed to stop on a side so people coming down can pass by. The area where you pass by is supper narrow for 2. If you are afraid of height, maybe not a good idea either. Finally, to the top! Last stairs, we finally got to the observation deck. I completely forgot how scary the way up was once I saw that stunning view of the city from that point. Gorgeous. This was definitely the highlight of the visit. Going down, I heard few people saying they were scared, I only told them it’s so worth it!

From there, we visited the other spots that was included in the package we got, but after climbing the bell tower, everything else was simple.

Here’s a short 360º video from my visit in the Crypt.

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