(Read my 1st day in Venice here and my 1st time in Venice in 2010 here)

2nd day: Murano & Burano. 

Marina Santelena and in the background part of the Sant’Elena Church

So we booked an excursion with the cruise to visit both  Murano and Burano. A boat picked us up in one of the lowest decks and it started our trip to those neighbor islands.

With this, I got to see other areas of Venice that I told myself… I need to come back again for longer time lol. There’s a big (and looks beautiful) park “Giardini della Biennale”, some other monuments and more areas less touristic to walk. I feel every time I’m in Venice I don’t have enough time.

Arriving in Murano

After maybe 40 minutes boat ride, we got to Murano.

Here we got to visit a place where they work with murano glass, and saw a presentation about it. Amazing. They asked what we wanted to see being made, someone said ‘a horse’ and within 5minutes, a beautiful glass horse was in front of us.

In Murano we didn’t do much, we didn’t have enough time of course (sorry… I’m not a fan of tours, the tour was good, but I always want my own time), so I just got to walk to a store near by, found some souvenirs (at the museum we went, they didn’t accept cards and prices were a bit higher than outside) and then back to the boat so we can visit Burano that I always wanted to visit.

Another leaning tower in Italy!

Just as Murano is about glass, Burano is about lace.

Arriving in Burano I could see the colorful houses. They told us that they started painting them in different colors because -just like me lol- they drink a lot of wine, so it was easy to recognize their home. I also was told that when fisherman spend long time away from home, when they were returning they could also recognize their homes easily.

In Burano, we could either join a tour to see how lace is done or just walk on our own… you guessed right, we skipped the tour and walk around. First we went to grab a pizza, quick and delicious. I also got to try some biscuits they say are from there and they were good.

Then, all we had to do was walk around, see the colorful houses, cross bridges and lots of photos. It might sound simple and normal.. but being there is a whole other experience.

This place is GORGEOUS! Too bad we only had few minutes to walk around, but we made it possible to enjoy it. After navigating by other small islands nearby, not tourist at all, we went back to the ship. At this points we were tired and even sunburn… so wear a lot of sunblock if planning to do something like this or even just walk around town.

As extra information… don’t know if it was because my 1st time was 8 years before this one, or because of the months I visited, but in July 2018 was more crowded than August 2010. I’m sure by September or before June it’s even better. Might need to visit another time.

Remember… more photos, from my trip to Italy, on my album here.

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