As we already know, Vatican City is a city-state surrounded by Rome and is one of the six European microstates. Although to get there, the easiest thing is to get to Rome (Italy), and a few steps from the city center, across the river, you reach the Vatican City.

Last time I visited Rome, I included on the AT29’s video the Vatican City.

On this trip, we decided to go back to the Vatican City and get to see new spots for me (everything was new for Trev): Vatican Museums and obviously, Sistine Chapel.

Before arriving in Rome, we decided to get tickets online for the museums, especially because we were visiting in the middle of Summer when everything gets double the people. We only needed to follow instructions of where to meet and the time. Way better than arriving and having to do the very long lines to get tickets. We highly recommend you get tickets in advance, especially during high season like summer.

However, I believe that the best time to visit the Vatican is between May and October (try to avoid August), we went in July. The 1st time I visited, the museums were closed, so you need to check out times and days they are open so you can visit them. Also, I would recommend you visit first thing in the morning so you get a lot of time and not in a rush, to see everything.

The Museums are open from Monday to Saturday, from 9 am to 6 pm (last entrance at 4 pm) Sunday: closed (except the last Sunday of every month when the museums are free). Also, keep in mind the following dates when the Museum is closed: January 1st, February 11th, March 19th, April 22nd, May 1st, June 29th, August 14 and 15, November 1st, December 25 and 26.

If you are using the metro in Rome, the nearest metro would be: Ottaviano (Linea A). We grabbed a taxi from the hotel (close to Trevi Fountain) and then walked back to the hotel stopping in different points, something like I show you in the following map (check out this post with a walking tour while in Rome), ending the day in front of the Colosseum. We only had that day to see the city before grabbing a cruise the following day.

We walked by the museums, by those hallways with amazing details that you cannot miss, and a bit annoying during Summer time. Lots and lots of people. We tried to see as much as we could until we reached the Sistine Chapel – once there, we cannot take photos or videos. If you can visit during another time… even better, for us it was a schedule thing with work that year.

Here it is a 360º from the Maps Gallery in the museums. Remember they are videos that you can move around to see everything.

One thing to remember, even if it’s super hot, you need to cover yourself when visiting the Vatican, especially the St. Peter’s Basilica. At least shoulders and knees have to be cover, not for museums.

Here’s another video in 360º inside the Basilica.

If I get to visit Rome again, I don’t think I’ll visit the Vatican again. It’s a gorgeous place and I think it’s a must, but twice for me was enough. Next time I need to visit other places I still haven’t had the opportunity.

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