I’ve heard and read so many great things about Croatia and specifically about Dubrovnik, that I couldn’t wait to get there. Even if it was for few hours thanks to the cruising schedule, strolling around Dubrovnik was an amazing experience.

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Strolling around Dubrovnik
Arriving in Dubrovnik

With the little time we had in the city (8am-5pm) and so much we wanted to do and see, we decided it was better for us to take the shuttle the cruise was offering, instead of wasting time in exchanging dollars or euros to kunas (official currency) and understanding which bus will take us to the old town. (read about this cruise)

From the cruise

We arrived at a great time in the old town, before it got crowded, easy to walk around and enjoy the time. I think we strolled around everywhere, up and down alleys, visiting churches and the cathedral, getting lost a little bit -in a great way-, and even sitting to get some natural juice and coffee.

After a while, maybe around noon, the town started to get crowded.

Entrance to the old town

In Dubrovnik, everywhere I looked, there was something about Game of Thrones. I’ve never watched the show, but I might start watching it after this trip. There was also some stuff from Star Wars, a fan here, but I couldn’t figure out which areas were part of any of the films. If you are interested, there are tours to show you Game of Thrones location.

“Walk of Shame” from GOT

One of the areas I loved the most, a little marina with restaurants in front of it and lots of boats including boat tours to see other islands, beaches or the city from the sea. Just walking by the area felt great. Hope to visit soon so I can take one of those boats to other beaches and islands.

Strolling around Dubrovnik

We were told that anywhere there were water and easy access, it was like a beach for locals. Just walking by that little marina, I felt I wanted to jump in. Clear water and super calm that invited me at any time.

So we went back to the ship to change and enjoy an hour or so at one of the beaches. They told us the most popular one was Banje, so we went there.


The place has 2 areas, one with umbrellas and lounge chairs that you can rent, and the other with a space for anyone else. The beach is gorgeous, clear water, no waves… but pebbles. So glad we brought aqua socks for this trip. And… water was SUPER cold -at least for me it was-. I just didn’t care and went for a swim. I don’t know if it was because I got used to it or my body was numb for the cold water lol. It was too gorgeous for me not to swim there. You will also find showers, bathrooms, a restaurant and bar and a place to change clothing.

Fort Lovrijenac

There’s so much to do in Dubrovnik, but we only had 9 hours in total – of course we arrived at the old city around 9am, it took about 20 minutes from the ship to the main gate and back… I really hope I get to go back soon to see more. But that little time we had, quick walk around town and few minutes swimming in the beach was amazing.

Here’s a video about the amazing day exploring Dubrovnik (click CC for subtitles)

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