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In this new episode we take you to one of the most romantic cities in the world: Paris.

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Obviously, the French capital is not only for lovers. The city of light offers activities for the whole family and friends. Strolls by the famous streets, visits to important monuments, beautiful museums and in the late afternoon why not a boat tour on the river Seine?

After several visits to this city, my main option is to walk around the city instead of using the metro. You will be able to detail more, learn more and it seems super nice to me. Of course, once I visited with my parents that it was more comfortable for them to go by taxi or go up to a ‘hop on hop off’. Or a very far distance that you better go by subway. (extra tip from 2020: here’s a map for the subway.)

In the following video, you will see beautiful places that we captured in 2 different trips, in 2007 and in 2010. There are so many points to explore in this city that perhaps a short trip is not enough. Especially during high season where you can find long lines to enter some museums such as the Louvre, so we recommend you to either purchase your ticket before visiting or get a Paris Pass where you can visit more than 60 attractions, it has several options depending on your stay.

(UPDATE: On the video it is mentioned that Moulin Rouge was built by Joseph Oller, but it was founded by him and Charles Zidler.)

You can click CC for subtitles in English:

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