I visited for few days the always amazing New York City, but after booking flights and hotel, few days before the trip, I found out it was going to be a bit cold for me and raining (mid April). (Para leer esto en español, aquí)

So what to do when it rains in the Big Apple and you still want to see and explore?

Because of the weather, sometimes was difficult to see the top of the buildings

There are so many museums in the city, which helps a lot on a raining day. Let’s just mention 3 of the most popular: Metropolitan Museum of Art (MET), Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) and American Museum of Natural History. You can easily spend more than 2 day visiting them all.

What about Theater? I mean, in NYC you’ll find a theater almost in every corner, so you can choose from many plays and on a raining day staying indoors while enjoying some entertainment it’s great idea.

Maybe paying for a musical goes over your budget… there’s a fun diner you can go at any time, for breakfast, lunch or dinner, and enjoy many famous songs from musicals so close to you. Ellen’s Stardust Diner, located in Midtown, is a fun place to see future stars. Just be ready to wait in the line for a while. The 1st time I visited there was no line, 2nd time I waited for about 25minutes. Food is not the best, but it’s a fun place.

Another great option I enjoyed on my last visit while it was raining non-stop, I visited Grand Central Terminal. It’s a beautiful place to see at any time. Take a look at the architecture, browse the stores and even a little museum of transportation, and one of my favorite things to do at any city, visiting a market. Fresh fruits, cheeses, nuts of all kind, they have a lot!… it was so nice. So you can easy enjoy few minutes, an hour or so if you decide to have a quick lunch at the food court in there.

What about shopping?. On my last visit I went to the largest Macy’s, just browsing around and riding a wooden escalator… lol, why not?. Another place I visited, Hudson Yards. Lot of stores and a whole new area to explore in New York. If not raining or don’t mind, take a walk outside to see The Vessel, an open giant bronce structure, free to enter (at least on April 2019) but you have to have reservations to enter. You can stroll around the area for free, obviously, but I’m sure from the top of this structure you could enjoy gorgeous views.

Vessel outside

Also, by the 9/11 memorial, you can find The Oculus. This gorgeous building is a subway station with some stores in it. Just the view from the outside is amazing, but the inside is a good idea to walk around if it’s raining in New York. Another beautiful design by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava.

The Oculus inside
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