On the 1st part of the Disney cruise I took (Fantasy), I talk about experiences and activities.

Here… let’s talk about restaurants and food!!  (Leer esto en español aquí)

My favorite restaurant it has to be Animator’s Palate. It was a great and fun experience to dine there twice. Different experiences. One night you get to draw something and then it gets animated on the screen for everyone. So this is a fun time for kids… I’m a kid when it comes to Disney, but drawing is not my thing. But I enjoyed walking around the place.

Royal Court is another of the main restaurants. The whole place is beautiful. But maybe having dinner first at Animator’s Palate it didn’t give me a chance to maybe enjoy better the decor of everything else.

My least favorite I guess I have to say Enchanted Garden. Not because of the food because every where it was really good, but even when it’s inspired by gardens of Versailles, which I love in France, I wasn’t that impressed with the decor. We even skipped one night to try my next point.


Palo is one of the 2 adult only restaurants in the ship. You have to pay extra for this but it’s worth it. Everything was perfectly delicious. We really enjoyed dining in this one and I regret of not trying the other adult only, Remy.

And of course, there’s the all you can eat area, Cabanas. Loved the decor around this place, making you feel in the Caribbean at all time with those palm trees. Food was okay.

Loved this! All the castle of the Disney parks.

I visited instead Flo’s Cafe where they have Luigi’s Pizza, Tow Mater’s Grill and Fillmore’s Favorites… I enjoyed the pizza and special paninis they had every other day. On the other side shakes and soft serves that are always a good snack.

They also have a small bakery with beautiful pastries and I’m sure they are delicious. I didn’t get to try anything in here, it’s extra charge and some of the desserts I found at the restaurants were similar.

And at night? Besides the adults only area at night with bars and entertainment I mentioned before (part 1), we got to enjoy 2 firework shows: Pirates night and Star Wars day. On both nights, people got to dress up as pirates or a Star Wars character.

Skyline Lounge

Star Wars day was really fun, Darth Vader took over the ship on the night before so the whole day was dedicated to Star Wars. You got to listen to music from the movies on the regular speakers, see characters walking around – I was caught by 2 storm troopers because they found out I was with the rebels (I was wearing a Chewbacca shirt)-. Again… if you are into Star Wars and anything about Disney, you’ll love this cruise.

Obviously this is not on every cruise and every night. All the other nights, you can enjoy a movie by the pool area or so many other activities. One day we tried trivia at the Irish pub… but we did really bad, but got to enjoy the ambience.

More photos from this cruise here. Read about my other cruise experiences here.

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