I finally got to visit Venice for a 2nd time. (You can read my 1st visit here)

This time we arrived on a cruise. When we were getting closer, I suggested to go to the highest point to see Venice from a different point of view. Perfect. Love it.

As I mentioned before, I’m not a fan of cruising since I only get few hours in town.

Another leaning tower in Venice!

However, this time, we got 2 days and a night in Venice. And after my 1st experience getting lost I thought it was the best option. Our plan was to walk (and get lost of course) in Venice the 1st day, and for the 2nd go on a tour around Murano and Burano, taking advantage that we had 50% off per day for excursions.

1st day: Venice.

Guess what? It rained again!  It happened the same thing last time, however, this time, it wasn’t the whole day.

We started by getting to the vaporetto. I thought it was a great option, as my last time, to see the Grand Canal while we get to Piazza San Marco. From the cruise port, we needed first to ride the ‘people mover’, about 10 minutes walk from the ship to the station. At the time (July 2018) it costed us €1.50 one way and you can get it either at one of the kiosks that are close to the ships or at the station (machine).

This time, it wasn’t the same experience with the vaporetto. We got it easy and fast, but we felt like sardines in a can, super crowded, we barely got to see and enjoy the Grand Canal and the buildings by it.

We finally arrived at the gorgeous Piazza San Marco. Stunning as always. Got a bit annoying with people trying to sell you flowers (they were literally putting roses in our hand and face, even when we said ‘no’ in a friendly way, they just didn’t care).

Our walk started from the square… as well as the rain.

We decided to have lunch while it was raining, hoping it will pass. So we got to a restaurant that by that time I knew it was going to be a bit difficult to find one open. It was a cute little place, and luckily we got to sit by the window where we got to see lot of gondolas passing by.

Lunch time!

Rain stopped before we left the restaurant. So it wasn’t like last time that rained the whole day. Perfect.

We walked until we reached Ponte Rialto. Here, obviously, we stopped to enjoy the bridge, visit some of the stores around, get some souvenirs, and even enjoyed a gelato.

We walk around the Fish Market (it was already closed this time), around some other streets and then back to Piazza San Marco so we could grab a boat back to the ship. This time, we didn’t get lost. We just covered few places (that I already knew). Got to take more photos since last time I was more into video. Also, we wanted to be on the ship at a good time so we can watch the World Cup 🙂 Croatia 2 – England 1… and the view from the ship, during the sunset was perfect!

Here’s the video from my 1st time in Venice: (click CC for subtitles)

  • For more photos from Italy (July 2018), here.
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