A cruise to the Caribbean and we arrived in Curaçao. A very colorful and nice place to visit. (Para leer esto en español aquí)

We enjoyed a stroll around Punda and I loved that I got to talk with some Venezuelans selling fruits in the floating market. Obviously I took advantage that they were there and bought some Venezuelan chocolates and a passion fruit juice. (This trip was in 2017, in 2018 the Venezuelan boats can no longer leave the country due to the closure of the borders of Venezuela – thanks to the Venezuela government 😡)

Arriving on a cruise anywhere, it will always be a fast and hurried trip, deciding what to see in few hours is very complicated if the town has many sights. Since the day before we visited Aruba (which we had already visited before) and we were all day at the beach, in Curaçao we decided to simply walk around Punda.

Here is a video of this short trip but nice trip to Curaçao. (click CC for subtitles in English)

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