We went to the state of Utah on 2 different opportunities. The first time, the last week of September (early fall) and 2nd time it was the last week of March (early spring), both were great times with the weather, although March was a bit colder for me.

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Utah State Capitol

We didn’t get to spend a lot of time in Salt Lake City, but we wandered around downtown and other areas like Herriman, where we visit a replica of the house from the movie UP, or Daybreak, where we enjoyed a beautiful sunset.

Here is a page about the residence where they ask you to respect the place and to be quick taking photos. You wouldn’t want people outside your house taking photos for a long time, would you? Although you can book to take more professional photos for a price.

If you visit, a family lives here, so visit with respect.

In the video below I show you a little more about Salt Lake City and how we got to Park City (you can also take a bus from the airport) and some activities we did in the area.

Coming soon, don’t miss another video of Utah, but visiting Zion and Bryce National Parks that are spectacular!

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