Amazing days in Riviera Maya!! We arrived in Cancun from Orlando (direct flight) and they were waiting for us at the airport to take us to Iberostar Grand Paraiso, where we would spend 1 week surrounded by the beautiful beach, excellent service, delicious dishes and a very fun atmosphere. My husband made the entire reservation with which included transportation, lodging and tickets.

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Below is a ‘short’ that I made showing the room where we stayed:

This trip was different than ones I’ve typically taken in the past, where I walk and explore nonstop, but sometimes you just need to unwind and disconnect from everything.

On our new video I show you a little about the resort and the places we got to visit on different days.

Something I wanted to do since I visited Cancun for the first time (see post here) was to enjoy a day at a cenote, and this time I managed to visit one. Beautiful and amazing experience! We didn’t spend much time, but it was worth it.

There are several cenotes throughout this area, you can take a tour to visit some of them but there are also many that you can go on your own since they are open to the public. There is even the “Ruta de los Cenotes” located about 5KM from Puerto Morelos and about 40KM from Cancun. As I understand it, to get to these can be somewhat complicated, which is recommended to rent a car or a hire a taxi that you can ensure that the service is round trip.

Tulum, another place you can visit in Riviera Maya (in the video there is more info)

Here’s a ‘short’ that I made of Tulum. At the end of this post there is a full video with more information about Tulum and all the activities we got to do in Riviera Maya:

We also enjoyed a full day in Playa del Carmen. From the resort, they have shuttles that take you at a certain time and pick you up at another, because we didn’t want to depend on that schedule, we took a taxi that dropped us by “Quinta Avenida” (a pedestrian road). While walking around, the issue that stressed me a little bit was that, since we came from the Iberostar where guests wear a bracelet, on the avenue everyone told us “I know you from Iberostar” or “I work at Iberostar”, it was constantly and it was a bit annoying trying to enjoy the area and the stores. But hey… I guess it’s part of the tourist experience 😆. Otherwise all good.

At the end of the night, because family was also in town (without planning) but they were staying at another resort, we decided to have dinner together at Sonora Grill, which has some very original and delicious cocktails. The dishes are also very good.

Here is the video of this awesome trip with more information and places we visited (click CC for subtitles):

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