I always wanted to go to Cancun while in college for Spring Break, but I got the chance after I graduated. Few great, relaxing days and the wait was rewarding!

Perfect to relax

First of all I have to recommend you the hotel where I stayed. Oasis Viva Beach (it’s closed now). Loved it! Everything was included. The perfect price for all we needed. All 3 meals plus national drinks (alcoholic and non alcoholic). Well,  I think the price was great because it was hurricane season and they were in the middle of the H1N1 influenza virus. Despite everything, I spent most of my afternoons relaxing at the beach, beautiful view to the clear waters and with a pina colada in my hands. It was amazing! The only thing I can complain, the sushi bar. I think they were soooo slow and not good food! Everyone was very polite, ready to help you when you need it.

When you do photos and videos in 2009 lol 🙂 (today I use 1 camera for everything)

If your plan is to relax, don’t worry about renting a car. Besides, most of the hotels by the Zona Hotelera (Hotel zone) will have plenty of activities to do during the day and night. In my hotel -well, the one where I stayed -, there are 2 pools, some bars (including 1 inside the pool), a volleyball net inside the beach (yes, inside the water), you can rent kayak or a wave-runner. Plus, it was very close to a mall and a lot of mini stores to get some souvenirs.

My new amigo 🙂

If you prefer to go out and explore the city and surrender areas, then rent a car (don’t do it by Caribbean Rent-a-car. I did it and they didn’t have a van after we did a reservation and they said they had a van. Besides they didn’t even try to fix it and they were very rude and impolite).

In about 2 hours from Cancun you shouldn’t miss… no, I’m sorry.. you HAVE to go to Chichen Itza. It’s very very hot (at least in summer when I went) so wear protection! The area is more than amazing. We took a tour with a guide, it takes about 2 hours to walk around, take pictures and hear very interesting facts, stories and history. Do not miss it if you are in Yucatan.

Fell in love with Chichen Itza
Listening to the history and stories about the place

Don’t forget the night life in Cancun! (who would?) There are a lot of places to visit. A variety of bars, restaurants and nightclubs. Go bar/club hopping! From latin music to hip hop. Or just sit at a restaurant, have some tequilas or margaritas an enjoy the ambience.

Cancun is a very clean and fun city to visit. It doesn’t matter if you are in college or need to take a break from everything else. Spring break or not, Cancun is gorgeous, lots of parties all year long and perfect for family, romance or traveling with friends.

I hope I can visit Cancun soon! I’d love to discover more of this place!

view from room

Here’s a video from this trip (CC for subtitles)

Keep the city and beaches CLEAN!

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