In Venezuela you can visit gorgeous beaches across the coast. You can drive to the south to go to the jungle, savannahs and see the highest fall in the world. Go to the country side and see beautiful farms. Or visit the cable railway that was the tallest and longest for more than 30 years in the world in Merida state!

With local vegetation

Merida is where you can enjoy nice cold weather in the country. I went from Caracas by car and it took us about 10 hours (with few stops to have lunch and rest in the country side).

On a road trip of course I’m gonna wear flip flops 🙂 lol

I started to feel the cold weather so I changed to boots…

First, we stopped at San Rafael de Mucuchíes town. Very cold! (compared to other cities in Venezuela) Love it. This town it is considered to be the highest town in Venezuela. It’s a small place but very nice. It has the main square (Plaza Bolivar) with a church and gorgeous view! Everything looks as a movie set in the XIX Century. Clean and narrow streets.

Stunning view on the way…
Bolivar Square

Later, we went to the capital city, named after the state, Merida. There, you can visit the longest and tallest cable railway. (it’s been close for a year since they are doing some repairs and updates-in 2009-). There are 4 different stations on the way. With restaurants, stores and naturally, the view of the whole city is amazing, plus you can get to play with snow on the top of it. Enjoy the 4765mts (15633 feet) above sea level. Try to go in the morning since it can be cloudy later. (if it’s open of course)

Some other activities you can enjoy while in Merida, visit 3 theme parks. La Montaña de los Sueños which it’s about movies, tv and radio from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. Los Aleros will make you feel in the 19th Century. And La Venezuela de Antier that will show you different regions of Venezuela and their typical dances, music and arts. Thanks to Alexis Montilla, the creator of the parks, you will have an amazing and different time during your visit.

Los Aleros

Other places to enjoy nature and gorgeous areas, Pico El Aguila (located 4118 mts above sea level), Laguna de Mucubají and Mercado Municipal de Mérida where you can have a delicious breakfast at one of the many locals and shop a lot of typical sweets and handicrafts.

Church made with rocks (“Iglesia de Piedras”) in “San Rafael del Páramo de Mucuchíes” built between 1980-84 by hand!
Mucubaji Lagoon
Monument “Loca Luz Caraballo” (A popular Venezuelan poem)

Remember to keep our planet clean 🙂

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