Nashville was so much fun! The 1st two times I visited it was just passing by, so didn’t get to enjoy it as much as this long weekend getaway. We also have some friends there so it was a good time to hang out with them, get to see the city (or as much as we could) and as good tourists to have fun at Broadway… Honky Tonk Central! (Puedes leer esto en español aquí)

Obviously there are so many great places to enjoy a nice meal in town, we got to try some snacks or small dish at some bars, but I’m just gonna mention 3 of the restaurants I visited. 2 for breakfast and 1 for lunch/dinner. Of course, a trip has to include food!

Hattie B’s

Let me start by saying the following: 50min to get to the door. 1hr in total to sit down. 

Yes, I’m not gonna lie, chicken was delicious. Actually, I think everywhere where I tried the chicken, it was delicious (even at a good fast food after partying: The Cookout was so tasty). Here, at Hattie B’s, it was really really good. I got a big portion with chicken (I got ‘southern’ not hot… can’t do that) and Trev tried a mild sandwich (he could go for medium next time) and he said it was better than the regular chicken.

There are levels of how hot you want your chicken: southern (no heat), mild (a touch of heat), medium (warming up), hot! (feel the heat), damn hot!! (fire starter) and Shut The Cluck Up!!! (burn notice).

However… living in Florida, we are spoiled with Publix (a supermarket if you don’t know). So, for us, yes it was great chicken, but we like better our Publix fried chicken. I mean, if you are around in Nashville, try visiting one of the locations, there are 3 in Nashville alone. Then, I believe there is one in Las Vegas (NV), Memphis (TN), Atlanta (GA) and one in Birmingham (AL).

Sun Diner

Located next to Johnny Cash museum, and a well known music studio in Memphis. I see it as a good place for solo travelers so we don’t eat alone because of the way it is arranged. A long bar where as soon as you arrive and see a spot to sit, that’ll be it next to other people. We got to talk with our neighbors while waiting for our meals.

I ordered a breakfast wrap that it was delicious and coffee. I saw many other options that looked really good, so hope to try it another time. They also serve lunch and dinner.

At least for breakfast this is a good spot to go to, few steps away from Broadway. They are super fast and super friendly. And it’s open 24hrs! So I’m guessing it’s another great point to go after partying.



Our 1st breakfast it was a this place. I was told there are 3 locations, we visited Monelle’s at the Manor, the one close to the airport because one closer to Broadway the waiting was going to be too long.

So imagine going to a family member’s home (who has mansion of course lol) who cooks delicious and they also have other guests you don’t know. You sit at the table with other guests, and they bring everything else. On the table you have glasses, cups for coffee, iced water and iced tea. First, they bring biscuits. Oh my… those biscuits were so delicious, and if you add gravy even better. Then comes the eggs, sausages, bacon, country ham, pancakes, hash browns, cheese grits, fried chicken, corn pudding and more. Everything was SOOOOO good! And it’s all you can eat. They pass around the dishes so you can grab it and get what you want, get to talk with everyone at the table (so another great point for solo travelers) and enjoy a nice breakfast. They also serve lunch and dinner. And… they have a rule at the table, no cellphones allowed.

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