In January we arrived on a cruise to St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands. A little piece of the United States in the Caribbean, which helped us with the use of the internet/telephone, payments and obviously the language (remember that we live in Florida).

One place we visited was Secret Harbour, which offers restaurants, other services and a resort. We fell in love with the calm and clear water of the beach, and it was an excellent environment to relax.

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The most popular spot to visit while in St. Thomas is Magens Bay Beach, however, on this trip, we wanted to relax with less people around us, that’s why we decided for this beach instead.

This time, our cruise ship arrived at Havensight Cruise Pier. In St. Thomas, there are 2 cruise ports, not far from each other by car (approx. 20 min.). From both points you can take a taxi to Secret Harbor (and other places) very easy. From Havensight it took us about 25 minutes with the tour we took.

You can get an excursion from the cruise ship to get to Secret Harbour, which I would recommend. The trip is about 30minutes. Keep in mind that this is a resort condo, there are not ‘day passes’ for it and on the way back, because of the time, might take longer because of traffic. You can get a taxi, but an excursion with the cruise, will have your return to the ship secure on time.

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