While I was in Spain for 2 months, traveling with one of my best friends, we agreed that we should start working on a ‘raining tourism’ guide… Just like when I was in Venice (1 day) and in Valencia (2 days), when I visited Búzios in Rio de Janeiro state, the rain was with me the whole -and only- day!

Besides the raining day, Búzios is a lovely city!


During one of my trips to Brazil, I love Brazil, I went from Rio de Janeiro (city) to Búzios which it’s located 170km to the east and about 2hrs 30min by car.

I asked sun… not rain.

I was thinking that I will arrive and visit at least 2 of the beaches since it was my only day. The next day, I had to leave earlier to another city. However, only by night the rain stopped.


That’s one city I definitely need to go back at some point. My only day and I thought it was amazing! The beaches, including with the rain, looked so gorgeous with clear and calm water. There are various beaches easy to get to, I bet that from wherever you are staying, you’ll find a beach few steps away.

View from my room

After driving around town, I ended up at a small restaurant in front of the sea, Restaurante O Barco. The food was delicious, the view amazing (even with the rain), the caipirinha the best, the lobter was perfect… great spot to have lunch!


Late afternoon stroll

When the rain, finally, stopped, by the end of the afternoon, I walked by one of the most famous street in town, Rua das Pedras, where you can actually see a bronze statue of Brigitte Bardot. When she was with her brazilian boyfriend in Rio de Janeiro, they ran away to Búzios to relax and stay away of everything. She fell in love with that small area that, by the time, it didn’t even have electricity!


Rua das Pedras is a street just behind the ocean where you can find various restaurants (some with view to the sea) and stores, I actually felt in love with that area as well. Beautiful place for a stroll by the afternoon… without rain.


By the end of the street, there’s a small pier where you can take the tour boats to visit some of the islands nearby and beaches. Perfect spot for amazing pictures too!

Next time, I’d stay for at least 2 full days so I can enjoy various beaches and relax better… because even with the rain I had a nice and relaxing day at Búzios.


Here’s a video about this beautiful town, click CC for subtitles in English:

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