We arrived by plane from Madrid to the city of Palma de Mallorca. It was a 45 minutes (aprox.) flight. I actually felt that I blinked and we were already there. You can also take a ferry from Valencia or Barcelona!


Sunset in Palma.

Even when we arrived by 8pm, and thanks to the time during early Spring, the sun waited for us to enjoy the beautiful and very colorful sunset by the area we were staying, Son Veri Nou. From there, we could see the sunset, the ocean, and Palma de Mallorca that I already wanted to walk by its streets. I love sunsets a lot, I’ve seen so many from different cities and each one of them is as amazing as the other one. In Key West is a party in Mallorca is so relaxing at a ‘cala’ (small beach with rocks).




After having dinner, we got ready to enjoy a night out at the city. There are so many pubs and bars to have few drinks, tapas and a good talk with friends. At some point you even doubt you’re in Spain because there are so many people from around the world, I can imagine how does it look like while in Summer. But at the end, you’ll have so much fun as we did! By Passeig Marítim you can find many of those bars, including (my favorite) Irish Pubs and even a Hard Rock Cafe.

Getting to know Palma de Mallorca.

On our first day, we started visiting the Cathedral and the surrounding areas. Naturally, the Cathedral was the first thing I noticed from Gabriel Roca Ave., the avenue by the sea. Remember, as many churches or cathedrals you cannot enter wearing mini skirts or mini shorts or tank tops or showing too much skin. Show some respect even if you’re not Catholic. And as many religious building, you have to pay to enter. If not going inside, take a walk around the area which it’s gorgeous including the breathtaking view to the ocean! -Although, if there’s a mass, at most places you don’t pay for it-



By Parc de la Mar

In front of the Cathedral, you’ll find Royal Palace of La Almudaina, which it was claimed as the official royal residence in the early 14th century. From there, we strolled by Parc de la Mar, an area to relax by the small lake with few cafes and even a small local artisanal market. Beautiful area!

View from the Cathedral



It was time for us to start strolling and… getting a little lost! There are some cities that is so worthy getting lost! This is one of them. I don’t like doing it in Caracas though, and in Miami it’s too difficult, my favorite city to get lost is Venice!. However, in Palma de Mallorca, the streets are almost connected to everything and easy to get around, but since we were walking by Parc de la Mar and found a ‘tunnel’, to Carrer de la Porta de Mar, I just felt like going through there to see what we could find…
More streets, stores and cafes. Beautiful areas and squares that I needed to stop to take a picture and appreciate my surroundings. We went inside to one of the many restaurants that caught our eyes to get some ‘tapas’ as lunch. Very close to Plaza de Santa Eulalia. It was perfect. Very friendly staff, delicious food and great ambience. The place: Cafe Los Faroles.

At “Los Faroles”

I need to go back with warm weather.

Even when it was Spring, the cold weather wasn’t over in the island. It wasn’t freezing but cold enough for me not to go to the beach. Remember, I’m from the Caribbean :). But I know I need to go back to enjoy the beaches and ‘calas’. And the day was gorgeous!!


At least we’ve got to take a look at some of the beaches. Oh my… I always say that I can’t compare my gorgeous beaches in Venezuela -love them-, however those SO blue and clear waters, lots of sailboats nearby, palm trees… everything was perfect! Obviously, I still love my beaches in Venezuela 🙂 but I definitely need to go back soon to enjoy those in Majorca! And get to know more about that island… and see Minorca as well… and Ibiza…



Since we had few extra hours to see more things, we took the ‘hop on hop off’ ride to discover more sites. I like to take that bus when I’m in a city for few hours and I want to visit so many places. I think it helps a lot to get to know a lot in few hours. I rather walk though. It was great, plus we’ve got to sit 1st row on the top floor, no rain, no freezing wind as in Dublin, just great to relax and enjoy and learn more.

Our final stop was, after a long nice ride on the bus, at the Es Baluard Museum. Great spot to say ‘see you soon’ to Palma de Mallorca. It’s a small museum but we especially enjoyed the view from there.




Without a doubt, it was a really nice trip. We were doing so many things while in Madrid (I stayed for almost 3 months), working, my friend going to classes… that it was a perfect getaway trip!

Remember to keep the cities you visit clean! And soon AT29 will be posting Palma De Mallorca’s video on the site!


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