After breakfast in Brussels, we went to the train station, Bruxelles Midi, to rent a car. I think it’s more fun to drive between cities. I love taking road trips, I believe you get to see more things than on a train or even a bus, because you have your own schedule. Of course, then you have to think about gas! (unless you’re in Venezuela which to fill up a tank is less than $1 🙂

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The drive.

We drove to Bruges, few hours away to the north of Brussels. The view on the way, beautiful. Green large fields all the way to our next stop, wind mills making greener the area (and planet), cows and horses were our entertainment on the way.


Let’s begin with the walking…

Strolling among stores and restaurants, we’ve got to the ‘Markt‘ a square with nice restaurants, stores and where usually a market takes place, not while I was visiting though.


Another square followed. Burg square is where the City Hall is located.

We decided to stay by the Markt to have lunch at one of the many restaurants around. Very touristic but it was a really nice meal. Although, at some point, one of the waiters accidentally spilled a soup all over a man. I couldn’t see how it happened since I wasn’t facing them. All I could hear and understand that both of them were very rude, they were yelling at each other (in French), the man didn’t want to pay anything  and actually left the place without paying. The manager had to look for him after he left… it was a real mess! I think he paid after all. Perhaps it was all for our entertainment?


After the drama, we kept walking by the narrow cobblestone roads, most of them are only for pedestrians, until we reached a side of the canals with cafes in front of it. Only if we hadn’t eat before I would had chose that one in front of the canal and much quieter.

I know there are some tours you can take by the canals, however, I didn’t have much time to do so since we had to drive back to Brussels the same day.


After a long walk, as usual, we went to a cafe to have some sweets before leaving. Naturally, in Belgium, we went for a waffle. I had one filled with Nutella. Yummy! They were super delicious!


We were finally ready to leave town and enjoy, once again, a nice view on the way back to Brussels… And we are leaving the following day to Cologne for a night.

You can enjoy AT29s video (click CC for subtitles)

Remember to keep the city clean!!

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