We went back to Europe and the first stop this time was the wonderful city of Rome.

I believe that the best way to get to know a city it’s by walking by its historical streets. Well, I love walking! Everything is close enough, and besides, strolling by the city, you’ll get to discover more details of it that you won’t see it as well as riding a bus or in a taxi. So wear comfortable shoes, take it easy and enjoy.

At Fontana di Trevi

We stayed at a hotel very close to the Coliseum. From there, by Via dei Boschetto to the Coliseum was about 10 minutes -walking- and to the Piazza Navona, about 30 minutes passing by many different historical sites and famous spots.

We only had day and a half to get to know everything we could.

Our first afternoon wasn’t as relaxing as we thought, since we had jet lag, and for me, it’s really difficult to get some sleep on a flight. However, I was so excited to be in Italy that a couple of cappuccinos helped me. And, come on, I was in Rome! 🙂

On our way from the airport to the hotel, I was very sleepy, and I was amazed to be in Italy. As we were getting closer to the hotel, what actually pinched me and let me know I wasn’t dreaming, it was the sight of the great Coliseum in front of me.

We checked in and we were ready to get to know Rome. We went to Fontana di Trevi, passing by Palazzo Quirinale that today is known, as the President house. Walking, of course. From the square in front of the Palazzo, you’ll get to see part of the old city and even the Pantheon. Few minutes later, we arrived at Fontana di Trevi. It was so crowded, but gorgeous! Cannot miss it because of the loud sound of the water and the people. Impossible to take a picture by yourself but the click wasn’t stopping.

After walking by many vendors, souvenir stores, and alleys; we got to the Scalinata della Trinita dei Monti at Piazza di Spagna. 138 steps that leads you to the church Trinita dei Monti. Close to the Spanish Steps is the most famous street thanks to its stores, including Prada, Coach and Tiffany. Walk by Via dei Condotti and enjoy the gorgeous designs. Maybe do some shopping! -don’t forget to get me something! ;)-

By the end of the afternoon, we couldn’t skip to enjoy a delicious gelato in the middle of the warm weather. I guess having a cappuccino during winter time will do just great! For me, either one works amazing at any time of the year. Plus, delicious ice creams I had while I was in Italy (specially in Tuscany)

That night we took it very calm. We had a mouthwatering local dinner after lot of walking and went back to the hotel. Naturally, after Italy, we all said we couldn’t have any pizza or pastas for the following month (at least), thing we could not accomplish.

On our second day, the first stop was Vatican City. This time, we took a taxi from the hotel to the world famous Piazza San Pietro. The feeling, that at least I got, while arriving to this amazing area was unique. It doesn’t matter what’s your believe, the architecture is breathtaking. Remember to wear clothes that cover legs and shoulder so you can enter to the Vatican (and any other religious buildings in Italy). And as a must, visit the museum and the Sistine Chapel, but check the schedules before, since it’s not open every day.


After spending the morning at Vatican City, our following stop was Piazza Navona. A very attractive hangout to enjoy a late afternoon, while having a nice meal or just some wine at many of its cafes and restaurants. There are also, some vendors and artist with beautiful paints and draws by the fountain in the middle of the square. By that time, I ran out of battery of my video camera, so remember to bring extra battery or a cable to charge. While having lunch, my camera was charging. You don’t want to miss anything!

Few steps away from the Piazza, you’ll get to the Pantheon. Free to enter and great history behind it. The only light coming through, is a hole -window- on top of the dome. If it rains, it will rain inside, but the water will run directly to the center of the Pantheon. Take a walk inside this amazing structure that means ‘temple of all Gods’, and feel part of history.

One of the sights you cannot miss while in Rome, is the ancient side of the city. The world famous Coliseum, Roman Forum and the Palatine. They have a special ticket that will get you to those three places. Walking through the same streets that the romans, centuries ago, used to passed by, makes you feel from that era. Naturally, just missing their clothes. The Coliseum used to be the area where the gladiators fought. They also used it for haunting and recreations of famous wars. Today, at those ruins, you can visit a museum and different levels of the Coliseum. The Roman Forum, used to be the center of the old city, where a lot of business took place.

A side of Mercati di Traiano (Trajan’s Market). By Via dei Fori Imperiali
Via dei Fori Imperiali

Another point of interest you might want to see, is Altare della Patria, where the Monumento Nazionale a Vittorio Emanuelle II is located. I actually suggest you to walk from Piazza Venezia, right in front of Altare della Patria until you reach the Via dei Fori Imperiali, where the Roman Forum, the Palatine and at the end of the road, the Coliseum are located.

We enjoyed a night at Piazza Campo dei Fiori as well, which together with Piazza Navona, are the most famous squares in Rome. More cafes, restaurants and stores are waiting for you.

I can’t wait to go back again. So many beautiful and full of history sites that I won’t never get tired of it.

Remember to keep the city clean!

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