We went to Panama City only for the weekend, and I wish I could go back for more days so I can visit other cities.

During our first day, we took a taxi to go to Casco Antiguo, the old downtown. Although, it looks like its houses are getting fixed and improve, it’s a nice place to take a walk and enjoy the history.

Catedral Metropolitana de Panamá

We visited San Jose Church, where you can appreciate a very big and antique gold altar in it.

After San Jose Church, we took a walk by a long path by the Plaza de Francia (France Square) in front of the bay, only for pedestrians, from where you can see the beautiful Causeway Amador and part of Punta Paitilla. We also took the opportunity to get some souvenirs hand made by Panamanians.

At the Casco Antiguo you can also find the Presidential House, Bolivar Square, the Cathedral, museums as the Panama History museum, theaters and lots of colonial history by  its streets.


Another area where you can take a long stroll and enjoy the nice weather, maybe ride a bike or capture beautiful pictures of the bay, it’s at the Balboa Avenue. A long (and new) way with a marine, parking spaces and gorgeous view to the sea and surrenders.

We also went, by taxi, to the Causeway Amador. There, you can enjoy an afternoon at one of the many restaurants of the area. There’s also a marine and various stores. By the way, I found it very easy to catch a taxi anywhere. Just be careful with the rates, since they can tell you different prices, but still very affordable.

Panama Canal

Obviously, you cannot miss to visit the world famous Panama Canal. It’s amazing to see how great it all works after 100 years. To know the whole history behind it, thanks to the museum and a video (they play it every 15 minutes both in English and Spanish). At the museum, they also have a small but nice aquarium. There’s also a restaurant and a cafeteria where, at both places, you can enjoy a view to the ships passing through the Miraflores locks. Besides, while you are anywhere outside of the place, either at the top roof or at the main floor, a tour guide will tell you through speakers (both in English and Spanish) stories and history about the canal and how the locks work. And everybody at the place will treat you as a V.I.P for sure!


After doing some shopping and getting to know Panama City, we spent half day at the beach side of the country. This time (hopefully we’ll be coming back soon for more), we went to Santa Clara. Located at the west to Panama City. We visited one of the beaches, where we enjoyed a delicious meal at the restaurant located at the sand and with a wonderful view of the beach. They will charge you about $5 (or less) per person to get inside the beach. Clear water and white sand, but remember to use protection because the sun might be very strong.

Santa Clara

Keep the cities and beaches clean! 🙂

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