While in Madrid, I took a day to visit Toledo, on different trips, many times. One time, we went by car (about an hour to get there) and another time by train (from Atocha Station in Madrid to the station in Toledo). I usually visit for a day from Madrid, arriving at a decent time before noon to stroll around the streets and be able to see as much as possible. Let me show you few tips of what to do in Toledo for a few hours.

Toledo is a beautiful city and full of history located 70 km south of Madrid. It was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1986 so we couldn’t miss the opportunity to visit it. It is always a perfect day trip from Madrid.

My first time in this city was during winter, the second time on summer. Both were great and lot of walking around the narrow streets. It is a great city for strolling around since it has many roads just for pedestrians, so bring comfy shoes!

to do in Toledo

Toledo has one of the oldest cathedrals in the country that at some point (a long time ago), it was the main Cathedral in Spain. This city was actually the capital of Spain until the 8th Century.

There are lots of interesting sights as Museum of Greco, Monasterio de San Juan de los Reyes and the Alcazar fortress which you can visit its museum since 2009, impossible to miss this building from any point.

This city is famous for its gates as Puerta de Bisagra Nueva (the main entrance), Puerta de Bisagra (which it used to be the main entrance built in the 10th century), Puerta del Cambrón among others.

Both time I was in town, something you cannot miss of doing, I crossed to the other side of the Rio Tajo (the river Tagus). Pass by Camino Valle where you’ll find an area to glance the old city of Toledo and capture amazing videos or pictures. Perhaps you can have lunch at La Ermita, we had a delicious meal plus a gorgeous view during my 2nd visit. Excellent service, even when they were closing because of the time, they agreed to stay longer for us. Thanks!

Remember to keep clean the city.

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